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Reply Wed 20 May, 2009 08:10 pm
You like whom? I've never heard of Eric Hoffer.
Reply Wed 20 May, 2009 09:10 pm
Bonaventurian wrote:
You like whom? I've never heard of Eric Hoffer.

Try googling him...He was still alive when I was a kid, a laborer like myself, a dock hand of some sort... I saw him on t.v. a couple of times in interviews.. He seemed to have a good mind...I liked the True Believer, as I said... A copy is hard to find, but he lived in the age of mass movements, and people are more inclined to be wary of such mass movement today...That is why change in the future will not be about organization; but about disorganization... The whole anti change effort of government is aimed at subverting or discrediting organizations...If change is possible it will occur because people resist as individuals, not out of anger, but aware that they are deliberately removing their faith from society, and disenthralling themselves, knowing that the thrall is the glue that holds societies together... Do not organize change... Break the thing down first, and then organize...Don't move the masses...Move yourself...Don't change every mind...Change your mind...Only by having the courage to act as an individual will you ever have the credentials to lead anyone... Try to avoid doing anything you can be hung for...But if they get scared enough they will start hanging people for looking like they need hanging...

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