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Ennui phil
Reply Mon 13 Oct, 2008 07:40 pm
It is apparent that humans are treasuring and competing their unique and potent thing-Brains.No one can live with nirvana if he/she is stupid,but they can live solely if they have a talent.

I have seen people writing and talking intricately,for instance,authors of literature,they do use much vocabulary.Some of my interlocutor talks in an accent that sounds perplexing.

I don't know why this is so,if people do this,I would mimic them.Likewise,you would also mimic.
Reply Tue 14 Oct, 2008 04:25 am
@Ennui phil,
This whole issue is something that really interests me; it has for a long time.

Even though we miss intonations, voice-inflections and expressions, through writing we have a real advantage: that of being able to choose our words at leisure beforehand.

I share Ennui's admiration of authors who've been able to maximize this. Carefully used, words have the potential to paint just about any picture. What's more, is that since words are internally interpreted by the reader, it's almost as if it's a "custom picture" painted just for you! Sometimes; however, this isn't such a good thing (depending on a host of factors).

It's often time to use an esoteric word; I get a real kick out of some of the more obscure used in the 13th - 15th century, back when communicating through the written media was so much more highly-relied upon since Married with Children and Fox News hadn't graced humanity with their services just yet. But when I DO get a chance to use a more accurate term that's perhaps not very often heard, its nice. Yep, I get looks and inevitably there's someone who instantly thinks I'm trying to 'make an impression' or otherwise aggrandize myself, but it's all good.

We all have our own little neurosis.

Reply Wed 15 Oct, 2008 06:12 pm
Communicating with the written word is a skill that improves with practice. A good teacher will advise you to know your reader and to write to that person. It can be frustrating for the reader not to see the bodily signals that should accompany your communication, i.e. the pointed finger, the serious frown or the smirking shrug. I suppose the ultimate in high fog factor would be to write in a complex code that is not meant to be understood by anyone without a key. A step down would be two prophets writing to each other. Next would be a specialised language that can be perfectly understood by specialists. Then you have the language that newspapers use which by necessity appeals to a broad readership. There is a language called Simplified English, which is used by industry. If your computer has a WORD based word processing programme then you can turn on the readability statistics which you will find under, TOOLS, OPTIONS, SPELLING and GRAMMER - tick the readability statistics check box. When you now ask for TOOLS, SPELLING and GRAMMER and if there are no errors, you should get a readability statistics assessment. This communication has a Flesch-Kincade grade level of 11.2, and as you are a bright lot that is not too bad.
I hope this helps.

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