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Reply Thu 15 May, 2008 09:20 pm
I would like to discuss the Russel Periodic Table(s) and their relation to oher periodic tables.

Here is the current version of the Russell Table:

This version was introduced by Russell sometime later in his writings.

His original version had 10 octaves for some reason (good discussion topic) and can be found in The Universal One. (It would be great if someone could scan these images in for comparrison.

Note: Almost all of his scientific drawings incorporate his periodic table.

Periodic Table Basics:
Periodic table - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Visual Elements - History

Here are some periodic tables we should compare in our discussion:

Extensive Collection of Tables to discuss:
Note: Timothy Stowes table has the same number of elements as the newer version of the Russell table (121)

Also note that the Russell Table is not included.

*I would also like to have a discussion on Chapter XIV - Universal Mathmatics-Universal Ratios from The Universal One. This seems to me a critical discussion, however we need to get a scan of it.*

....More to come!

Reply Thu 15 May, 2008 10:19 pm
The Surfer Dudes Theory of Everything: Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything - Telegraph

or E8 bears a striking resembalance to a Russell chart: All Forms Of All Bodies Are Based Upon The Cube Sphere Fig. 69 from the original Home Study Course.

Note Fig. 69 apears to be based on another chart from The Universal One Page 235: Crystallization Chart No.1 which was a diagram of the "Basic Principle Of Crystallization In Accord With The Formula Of Locked Potentials"

It seems to me that with todays technology a simple computer program could be written using these principals to "determine in advance the exact crystallization of any element, compound, mixture or alloy" in addition to determining "cleavage, twinning (and) other effects of crystallization in advance of experimant or observation"

*The quotes above come directly from The Universal One Page 235: Crystallization Chart No.1*

I am not sure if there are other crystallization charts (why would it be labeled No1.) as it is pretty much the last chart in the book. I think in addition to this chart the dimentional charts in the Universal Mathmatics section would need to be incorporated into the program.

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