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Reply Tue 30 Mar, 2010 04:11 pm
Hello everybody! I guess I'll start with the personals. Well,

  • I am 18 years old
  • I am currently a senior in high school
  • my name is Rob
  • I like rock music
  • in my free time I enjoy the Xbox :big-guns:
  • I'm a Christian(hoping not to get bashed) :unsure:

  • I like to write in my journal which is pretty much the basis for my interest in philosophy

So pretty much I guess I have a short story to tell about myself.

Last semester I took English 4 in school. In the class we were required to write in journals, just basic composition notebooks. My mom bought all of my school supplies because I am lazy and she ended up accidentally buying the graph paper composition book...:brickwall:But I used it anyway. Well I came to like that little graph paper composition notebook. Eventually I was writing outside of the classroom in my own time. I write about everything. This whole change was part of a large spark of interest in developing my own ideas and mindsets about anything and everything. I gained a desire to learn above all. I asked more questions in school specifically in physics class about the universe. I thought about the expansion of the universe and wrote a lot about it. I do look forward to sharing many of my ideas and questions with this community. I am fascinated by my sudden spark of enthusiasm for so many diverse topics of the universe. But I am aware of how new I am to a lot of this so I am enthusiastic about learning as much as possible.

So yeah.. Thanks for making me feel welcome.

From My Journal about my spark of interest
Some of the best moments of my life are spent with the people I love. I treasure every enjoyable moment that I get to spend along with my friends and family. Usually I would not trade those moments for anything. But there are other times when I am all by myself and it is very quiet. I do not hear anything aside from the thoughts streaming through my own head. We all do a great amount of thinking everyday. But the times when my brain is at its very best is when I am alone. Isolation has got to be my mind's sanctuary. I think about everything there is to think about. My favorite things to think about are far away. I ponder the universe outside of our little planet. My favorite thoughts rely on just how massive the universe actually is. Its just so enjoyable to wonder about such things for long periods of time and eventually you go insane and begin to formulate theories about everything. I like to think about how unique everything is in our universe. So many different shapes, sizes, and colors of the planets and the galaxies of our universe. A person could spend a lifetime thinking about so many of these things in their spare time. I plan to do so.
Reply Wed 31 Mar, 2010 05:28 am
@Rob phil,
You are not alone in using graph paper for writing, I suspect.
You realise, of course, that philosophy will only make the world larger and more complex---or perhaps it is that it will allow you to explore different worlds that are always and ever expanding into the infinite.
Welcome to Philforum!
Pepijn Sweep
Reply Wed 31 Mar, 2010 11:59 am
Use any-thing for writing. A most under-estamated skill of men.

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