Are you ever to old to becomee a nurse?

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Reply Tue 15 Mar, 2005 12:14 pm
Are you ever to old to becomee a nurse?
In my mid forties I am considering a job back in the hospital. Do you think I can still get hired on or are the interested in the younger nurses?
Reply Thu 21 Apr, 2005 01:06 pm
Check out this thread in the nursing news..

It's never too late to find the career of your dreams, even if you need a second undergraduate degree to start it. Between 40 and 50 students who have already graduated from other colleges are currently enrolled in the School of Nursing as undergraduates.
RN Recruiter
Reply Mon 25 Apr, 2005 04:04 pm
It is never too late because of the shortage of nurses. California is currently feeling the shortage more than any other state, so your best bet would be to find a hospital in the more remote regions of California. The major metro hospitals tend to be a little more rigid in their requirements, but that not to say that the positions don't exhist for nurses getting back into bedside nursing.

That being said, the general concensus is that nurses whom have been out of the field for more than 2-3 years should enroll in a 6 month refresher course prior to their re-entry into the profession.

There are always going to be exceptions, but this is what most facilities I work with insist upon. You might be able to get a hospital to pay for your re-entry program if you commit to working with that facility when you complete the program for a given time period. I hope that helps.
Reply Mon 2 May, 2005 06:50 pm
I dont really think age is an issue. In my nursing class, we had more "older" students than anyone else. One of my best friends..well actually, she practially raised me...she went to nursing school in her 50's....shes now almost 65 and still working....

i think it all depends on the person...thier desires, thier physical well-being...etc...

Reply Sat 8 Oct, 2005 07:40 pm
Never too old
I started taking prereqs at 46 and graduated at 49. I turned 50 about a month after residency started. I was very worried about the age factor, but it never seemed to be anyone else's concern. Age brings some advantages to the table. No one will make excuses for you though; you have to belly up to the bar and take your medicine just like everyone else. Nurses are great.
Darla 1
Reply Sun 9 Oct, 2005 03:33 am
Smile Hi Jennifer! That's great you'd like to enter the nursing profession. I began nursing school right after high school and my age group was the minority. Most students were in their 30's/40's who wanted a career change or had raised families. In fact, one student was a grandmother in her early 50s(no exaggeration) and a current coworker in her 40's just started nursing school. One is never 'too old' to learn or pursue a career. Smile
SharpknifeRN 1
Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2006 08:35 am
When I was in LPN school we had a student who was 65. She worked for 2 years and then retired. Just a matter of her dreams she said. Go forward and make it happen.
Reply Thu 31 May, 2007 10:22 am
Never Too old
Reply Sun 22 Jul, 2007 06:24 pm
Re: Are you ever to old to becomee a nurse?
Jennifer wrote:
In my mid forties I am considering a job back in the hospital. Do you think I can still get hired on or are the interested in the younger nurses?
As a nurse in her late 40's, I don't find age to be a factor in the hiring of nurses in the hospitals. As long as you haven't been out of your particular specialty for any real length of time, then less orientation and teaching is needed to incorporate you into the hospital. Hospitals are hurting now, especially small town places. I particularly wanted to be trained into L&D, but didn't know how to get the experience I needed. I put my resume online and requested a fulltime position in L&D. I had several calls and all of them were willing to give me the 4-6 months of training I needed. I've been here over a year now and things are going great. I'm loving it..!! Good Luck To You..!!
Reply Fri 24 Apr, 2009 08:42 pm
Re: Are you ever to old to becomee a nurse?
Jennifer wrote:
In my mid forties I am considering a job back in the hospital. Do you think I can still get hired on or are the interested in the younger nurses?

I have found grave age discrimination in nursing
Reply Sat 9 May, 2009 07:51 pm
Nurse Refresher/ Nurse Re-Entry Programs
Jennifer, while I agree with nativeborn there is some agesim but, like any prejudice it is not the rule. There is value in your nursing contribution beyond being young. I see many nurses not only entering late but, returning later after many years out. It can be done in a supportive environment. We need all the healthcare professionals at work even if part-time. There are many options even for those that are disabled. I recently attended a refresher course and one of my classmates was in a wheelchair. Spoke to her recently and she got a job doing case management. So, I say go for it!
Welcome back to nursing!
Reply Mon 11 May, 2009 04:17 pm
Re: Are you ever to old to becomee a nurse?
nativeborn wrote:
Jennifer wrote:
In my mid forties I am considering a job back in the hospital. Do you think I can still get hired on or are the interested in the younger nurses?

I have found grave age discrimination in nursing

in rural Ohio, i have actually seen more of the reverse ageism - where the older nurses (40 and up) don't seem to think the younger ones are as competent. its probably a factor of our demographics - we are an older population around here.
Reply Tue 23 Jun, 2009 02:24 pm
Am I too old to become a nurse?
I am a 57 year old Grandmother. I am in good health, and am still working as a Correctional Officer and during my spare time, free of charge nurse. In 2004, at age 53, I left my job at the penitentiary and went back to school enrolling in nursing courses. Last year, I completed all of my general courses plus my required healthcare courses (Micro Lab/lec, A&P I,II Lab/Lec, Chemistry, Nutrition, Human Growth and Development, Spanish, with a 2.89 GPA and met the requirements on my ACT. I also carried a fulltime job while attending school. I really felt good about myself, tickled at the fact that I was also able to challenge the mostly younger students and did well at it. On last year, I began to apply for the LPN program, since it did not require as many healthcare courses as the RN, but so far, with no success. I was told by some instructors that there were other students that were more qualified. I then also submitted my application to six programs, but still no success. I was told by a couple directors, "you are a good candidate for a nurse, but first try CNA," "your grades looks good, and it appears that you will be a good nurse, but perhaps you should take more courses toward healthcare." Lastly, I was informed by one instructor that, healthcare administrators are gradually moving the older nurses off the floor and replacing them with younger nurses; now that part I believe. You see, here in Mississippi where I live, I know of several young students that got into the LPN program straight out of high school. One young man has just graduated for the program this pass semester at the age of 19. I am by no means bothered by younger students being chosen for the healthcare field, you see, my daughter is in the RN program, but, I just wish that I would have been informed before I spent all of those hours in school. You see, the reason that I went to school is to get paid for what I have the greatest passion, most patience , commitment and attitude to do. By the way, please excuse my typo's, (typing fast) I work third shift, and I have not gotten any sleep for today.
Reply Tue 18 Aug, 2009 04:10 pm
Nursing is one of those careers that will always be "hot". Especially with the aging baby boomer population, the demand for nurses will continue to rise. In short, you are never too old. Age is just an attitude :wink:
Reply Thu 12 Nov, 2009 04:09 am
You're never too old to learn, so you're never too old to be a nurse. Nursing is a shortage in most developed countried. As long as you're health and hale with and alert mind, I don't see why you can't be a nurse at 40
Reply Mon 27 Jun, 2011 06:09 am
Yes you are never too old to be a nurse. Because all areas of the world face a nursing shortage.
Reply Fri 15 Jul, 2011 02:15 pm
@Jennifer 1,
Oh my goodness you are only in your 40’s! You may feel old in your eyes, the same way I do and I am only 37, but no you are not too old to become a nurse!
Reply Tue 23 Aug, 2011 02:38 pm
Yes and No. Yes, I'd think that after a certain age nursing on a ward and working shift work would be hard on the body of an aging individual; if you aren't looking to work on a ward, but rather work in public health nursing, nursing education, nursing professor, or do nursing research then I'd say no. Go for it!
Reply Mon 11 Feb, 2013 12:28 pm
@Jennifer 1,
I am a brand-new, Bachelor's Degree nurse. I went on 14 interviews before finding a job in Skilled Nursing. I was laid off due to being hospitalized prior to my probationary period not being completed. I have since gone on 15 more interviews with no offers. I am so discouraged...owe a ton of student loans, Dean's List at prestigious university, and now...nothing. Nada. Yes, there is GRAVE age discrimination. I'm 53.
Reply Sun 18 Aug, 2013 08:49 am
I believe that age discrimination is alive and well. I am a 50 year old with 20+ years of experience, I completed my masters in 2012, it has been 9 mo and I have had 2 interviews. Nursing Informatics is thriving; However, for a graduate nurses without experience in the specialty is hard to get a job offer. I want to write a article in the AJN addressing the issue of age discrimination because it dies exist. Does anyone want to assist with this article?

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