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Reply Wed 18 Aug, 2010 01:25 pm
RN Recruiter ---- I hope you can help me. Please see my post. Placed on Aug 18 th. subject -- med error/board action. Thanks!
Reply Fri 12 Nov, 2010 07:43 am
I have been RN BSN for 14 years. Have restriction of 1) No LTC or homehealth for 1 yr. This restriction ends in 2 mo. I am unemployed by choice at this time. I now am unable to get any return calls on my resume. I have been totaly compliant with restriction and licence is suspended with stay which will end in 2 mo. How can I proceed to get an interview and position? Thanks
Reply Wed 25 May, 2011 08:38 pm
@RN Recruiter,

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sweet mermaid
Reply Sun 5 Jun, 2011 12:49 am
Im a post graduated in nursing since about 12 yrs . I didn't work since my graduation due to marriage then having kids and raising them. Now i want to get back to work is there any hope ??!!
Reply Fri 15 Jul, 2011 02:10 pm
@RN Recruiter,
Hi RN Recruiter – I want to go back to school for the rn to bsn and would like to know what you think about the online courses colleges are offering now. Are they worth it? I would think they were since we can’t just quit our job to go back to school but really want to know if the courses are accepted everywhere. That is my main concern. I don’t want to be told they will be accepted only to find out later they won’t. If you can help I would appreciate it!
Reply Fri 16 Sep, 2011 11:39 am
@RN Recruiter,
I graduated in May 2011 with my BSN. I have passed my boards and worked for 2 months in critical care when I was let go (it is a right to work state). The reason my manager stated I was discharged was because a nurse complained that she saw me using my cell phone in a patients room, although I had already explained to my manager that I had let a patients daughter use my cell phone to inform her family that the pt was being moved to a new unit. The phone in the room wasnt working, and I could not get the phone at the nurses station to call out either, so I let her use my phone and had to explain to her how to use it. The nurse that reported me had a personal issue with me, and it went to the top and I was let go, even though I told my manager prior to the complaint. I graduated at the top of my class (3.8 gpa) and with honors. I am having serious difficulty finding a job! I have filled out probably 50+ applications, sent off as many resumes, etc. I am about to start calling recruiters and unit managers, but I do not know how to explain my recent discharge. How do you suppose I sell myself to these people despite being discharged after only 2 months? What should I say, do? Please help!!
Reply Sun 18 Sep, 2011 08:38 pm
I am an international student currently studying nursing in LA. I was just wondering if US hospitals or other places provide working visas or permanent residency. I would really like to work in this country after I graduate, at least for a couple of years.
Reply Tue 20 Sep, 2011 08:35 pm
ask a recruiter
What advice can you offer for salary negotiations? I am a nurse manager and it's difficult pricing yourself, I know the hours are well over 40 and you don't get paid more so how do I find out a fair salary?

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