male nurses in women's panties...

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Reply Sat 19 Aug, 2006 04:12 pm
the original poster KAYLA
What was she doing on a porn site anyway?!?!
SharpknifeRN 1
Reply Sun 22 Oct, 2006 12:27 pm
Hi, Sorry I missed this one when it started, can't read them all. Gotta go with Ginger on this. Sounds like cheap porn. Sorry to who ever wrote it, but you got to do better to reel us in. My uniforms aren't cheap, white and no one knows what I wear underneath them. I don't do tee shirts underneath, my socks are not white. There is nothing special about my underwear.
In all the years I have been at this, I don't know any men who wear white on a regular basis outside of nursing school. That would be reguardless of their sexual orientation. Nor can I remmember being able to see thruough anyones cloths, but admit that I am almost always too busy to have noticed. I don't think I am alone on that. My socs are argiels (sic) with srews and hammers on them, paterns or black. Left over supperstision from my former occupation low these many years ago. (Yes I still carry pennies with me and occationaly throw a hand full in the parking lot on my way in to work.) If my co-workers know they have never said a word to me. Their socks? I have no idea. Shoes I do pay attention to. Most men do, but the last time I commented on a pair, I had to tell her they looked like she robbed a homeless person. Yes I said that. They were dirty and plastic. Mine are black leather Clarks. A brand I recommend to anyone. They look professional, clean and are comfortable. I have almost worn the insides out in the pair I have, but the outside still looks new and is often misstaken for the same. (Yes I polish once every few weeks.) They are around $100. a pair, difficult to find, but well worth it. My current pair is almost three years old. These shoes solved some of my feet problems including a plantar fasiotis which was very painfull. My foot doc recommended operating. Can't immagine where I got that. LOL. There is a web site.
There is so much wrong with this whold premis, I too find it difficult to believe it was writen seriously.
Reply Fri 27 Oct, 2006 03:40 am
If women were spoken of in this manner it would be sexist and offensive. Men deserve the same respect. Most male nurses I've worked with are a pleasure to work with and dressed appropriately. And they do their job every bit as well as we do, not just the heavy physical aspects of it. I really wish there were more men in the profession actually. If this article were actually true, he's no real man!
Reply Fri 17 Nov, 2006 01:17 pm
Danny is GAY, and the author was Homosexual, also. why else was he/she looking at his crotch for fly lines... ??
Reply Tue 24 Apr, 2007 09:00 pm
can i PLEASE point out that this 'letter' was from a magizine released in 1983!!! does that really make people think it's relavant if it is real? it was 24 yrs ago... can't people get over it!
Clara Ann
Reply Tue 2 Sep, 2008 11:43 am
First, I think that any trained and qualified person should be able to work in any job or profession they wish.

Nursing is a wonderful career. Nurses are the main line in patient care. Most doctors are very dedicated to their patient's care and well-being, but they can't do the job of patient care all by themselves, so they depend on nurses to administer that care with their guidance.

The good Doctors also listen to their nurses, as the nurses see what is happening to the patients and the concerns of the families. It is best when it is a sharing relationship.

Now, men in panties. There are hundreds of thousands of men in the world who believe they were born in the wrong bodies and that they are girls at heart. There are many countries in the world that will accept them or at least tolerate their existence. Unfortunately, the United States is not one of those countries.

Some men want to be women or at least connect to their feminine feelings so bad that they will wear woman's clothing, take female hormones or have gender altering surgery. Typically, in the US, they are ridiculed openly, forcing these men to live secret lives full of shame and guilt because their behavior goes against the norm of the US society.

Woman are given much greater forms of expression in dress then men, as they can and do wear any type of clothing they wish. Some men cherish a relationship where a woman "makes" them wear woman's clothes because it take away the guilt of "wanting" to. In reality, does it really matter what a man is wearing under his clothes? Does it hurt anyone that doesn't know? Does it make him feel better about himself to have the freedom to wear his undergarment of his choice?

Now as for women who force men to wear woman's clothes. Have we not seen many relationships where the woman wears the pants? Or, the hell has no fury like the woman scorned? Are there no controlling mothers, wives or girl friends in the world that would go to any extremes to have their way or to control the actions of another person? My mother certainly would and has tried everything short of gender reversal to make me conform to here ideals. Didn't work by the way.

The Bible says judge not lest ye be judged as well as Love thy neighbor. The home of the free isn't free, but with a little understanding and tolerance we can make it better.
Reply Sun 14 Dec, 2008 08:24 pm
Reply Fri 27 Mar, 2009 08:30 am
The solution is simple : The guys should just wear a nice white Cami. It will not show and the white will be good under the uniform

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