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Kayla 1
Reply Thu 19 May, 2005 09:33 am
male nurses in women's panties...
Check out this article from Edit [Moderator]: Link removed, this is beyond ridiculous. I agree all nurses need to be dressed in a presentable manner, but boy does this women got her man wrapped around her finger.

A recent letter from a male nurse describing his experience of being forced to wear female underwear was most interesting. The girls who did this to him and his roommate were absolutely right. For some time now I have been concerned over the appearance of my male nurses. Most uniform trousers are not opaque enough to camouflage the fly fronts of men's jockey briefs. Bikini briefs look just as ridiculous because the low waistbands are frequently visible below the jacket half of the uniform. In addition, so many male nurses seem to insist on wearing ugly cotton t-shirts under their uniform tops. This strikes me as not unlike a woman who allows her slip to show. Equally-awful, as far as I'm concerned, are those ugly, bulky athletic socks that men have taken to wearing. They are never laundered completely white.

The whole subject came to a head several months ago when I went to hospital unexpectedly while visiting my parents. One of the nurses caring for me was an extremely competent, tall, good-looking male of about twenty five. In addition to his remarkable personal attributes, Danny's appearance in his spotless uniform was nothing less than stunning. I tried to work out just what it was about him that distinguished him from his counterparts. First of all, there was no ugly t-shirt visible at his neckline, only smooth hairless skin with a beautiful plain gold chain around his neck. Most interesting was the fact that his polyester uniform pants had no fly down the front, only a single seam. Most surprising of all was the fact that there was no visual evidence showing through his trousers of any fly front on his briefs. This left me extremely curious.

However, my curiosity was short-lived. A day or two later Danny had to stoop over to clean up the mess I had accidentally made by knocking over my water glass. As he bent over, his uniform top rode up high enough to reveal about two inches of satiny white nylon panties. The thought that this gorgeous male nurse might be wearing women's silk panties had never crossed my mind! Composing myself quickly I remarked softly, 'I like your taste in underwear'. When there was no reply I decided to venture a question. 'Do
you wear panties all the time?' I asked, 'Or just when you're in uniform?' As he slowly got back on his feet, Danny, his face beet red , said, 'I have to wear them all the time. They're the only underwear I'm allowed to have. My wife, who's also a nurse, says that panties are what real nurses wear'.

When I asked him what kind of socks he wore, Danny lifted his right leg to reveal a nice pair of white knee-high stockings which were sheer enough to give ample evidence that his legs were kept cleanly shaved. 'Sometimes', Danny added, 'especially in cold weather, my wife makes me wear white tights in addition to my panties'.

At that point you could have knocked me over with a feather. Then it slowly dawned on me that here was the answer to the problem of the male nurse dress code that had been bothering me. The appearance of the uniform is being ruined because the wrong things are being worn with it, and under it. In addition to the obvious fact that women's panties and stockings greatly enhance the appearance of any male nurse's uniform, these garments provide a great psychological advantage as well. Nursing has traditionally been a female domain and, to my way of thinking, one in which we must keep the upper hand. If men wish to invade our territory, they must do so only on our terms. It occurs to me that having to wear women's underwear is a good reminder to the boys that this profession rightly belongs to women. Surely no male who experiences the constant rubbing of silky panties and stockings against his hairless body will be able to forget who's boss.

The one thing I have not yet solved is the problem of the hideous cotton t-shirt. I would be interested to know how your readers will react to my ideas, especially those in the nursing profession, both male and female. Let me make myself perfectly clear. I am boldly suggesting that we who are in positions of authority within the nursing profession take the necessary steps to design and enforce a new dress code for the males in our departments - something inoffensive, yet slightly girlish. Speak up, nurses, and let us hear your feelings!
Ms. R.L., Hampstead

When this letter was originally published, nurses were still educated by the old apprenticeship system, and still wore proper nurses' uniform. Today, when the education of nurses has been captured by the politically correct totalitarian left, the drop out rate for nurses has never been higher. Caring for patients, helping them to relax, and giving them the reassurance that you are patiently there when needed, has a genuinely curative effect, no doubt via some pathway involving the brain and the immune system of the body. Studies have been done which have shown that nurses wearing traditional uniform (dress, starched pinafore, nurses' cap etc.) promote faster and better recovery than comparable patients overseen by the modern blue slacks-and-shirt nurses , whom elderly patients too often do not even recognise as nurses, much to the detriment of their health.

We need to restore nursing education to the system of forty years ago, restore hospital management to the Matron, and, if we are to have male nurses (and somehow they do not have the nurturing, healing effect of properly presented female nurses ) then by all means make their uniform somewhat feminine . But the really important thing today is to restore the female nurse's uniform's efficient but caring femininity; that is a matter of urgency.
Reply Thu 19 May, 2005 01:11 pm
I think...if in fact this is really true....that this man needs to get the balls to tell his wife NO

how ridiculous
Ginger Snap
Reply Fri 20 May, 2005 12:27 am
Rolling Eyes Ok, let's just set back the profession by about 50 years.

Evil or Very Mad Starched white uniforms --- no thanks, I'd rather dig a ditch

Evil or Very Mad Apprenticeship programs --- let's just remove the word "professional" from RN, and make us all technical nurses.

Last time I checked, my job requires more from me than holding hands, and wearing starched white uniforms. I do occasionally have to reason and think.
Reply Mon 23 May, 2005 11:03 pm
female panties
ooooooooooooo my goddddddddd........... Embarrassed Crying or Very sad Mad Lets just make nursing a female only or otherwise panties are for women....Danny,,probably not his real name...should look for another mate....this one obviusly has control issues... Shocked
Reply Tue 24 May, 2005 09:20 am
Maybe he actually enjoys wearing women's underwear and because he got caught he made of this story about his wife forcing him to wear them. But I could also totally see some feminist doing this, just hard to believe a man would put up with it.
Reply Tue 24 May, 2005 11:18 am
Petticoated article
Did anyone else go to this site? Very disturbing, this is probably a fictional story, could be anecdotal as there are many of these. Borders on porn or child sexual abuse. The pictures may be pencil drawings but... Just my own opinion. Petticoats and corsetts are fine in themselves, I guess I am a prude...what can I say
Reply Tue 24 May, 2005 11:34 pm
I visited this site and these people are truly sick. I read some of the other stories so I think this one is for real. If men truly have no place in nursing, I wish they would stop calling me when they have a fat person they can't move or a combative patient. I'll bet she didn't think of those kind of people.

Ginger Snap
Reply Tue 24 May, 2005 11:53 pm
I think the people at that site are basic man-haters. Take a look at this "letter":

Letter 5
Dear Nanny Susan,

It is about time that a magazine like yours featured on the web, and I applaud your efforts to introduce discipline into the household once again. I would like to share my experience with you and your readers: hopefully it will encourage other females to take a firm hand and sissify their spouses.

Like most men today, my husband thought he was the master in our household, sure he was for a time the major breadwinner, but that is where he thought his responsibilities stopped. He expected me to prepare his food, and clean and tidy his clothes, and he thought the world revolved around him.

One day when my old friend Janice came to see me with her adorable baby girl, I complained about my lot to her, noting that David was more of a handful to take care of than Baby Katie - I did everything for David that Janice did for her daughter, except change his nappies. Janice giggled at that, then she suggested that maybe I should put David into nappies too, it would show him just how childishly he was behaving. We both laughed, saying that he certainly deserved such humiliation, but the idea of David wearing nappies was preposterous, he would never allow it, no matter how appealing it sounded to me.

But the image of David crawling around in nappies would not leave me, and then an opportunity presented itself to allow me to put the ideas that I had thought of to humiliate my husband into practice. David's secretary rang; she told me that David was embezzling from my father's business, and that I should know. If Father had found out he would have had David jailed and would cut me out of his will, because he had never liked David, and only took him into the business on my insistence.

When I confronted David on his indiscretions, unbelievably he broke down and cried like a big baby. He begged me not to tell Father, he dreaded going to jail, so I knew then that I had him just where I wanted him. I told him I would consider not reporting him on condition that he return all the stolen funds, and that he sign a confession which I would keep locked
away in a safe, to be produced in the event of him not complying with his new status in the household. The poor fool readily agreed, thinking he had escaped a term behind prison bars, little did he know that he was destined to a life time sentence behind bars...playpen bars.

Over the next few weeks I visited my dressmaker, ensuring that my instructions for David's new wardrobe were carried out to the full. She and her assistants, were beside themselves with hilarity when I told them who the adorable outfits were for, and of course the fool who would soon be wearing them would be taken along to thank them for their efforts. While David's new clothes were being made, I had decorators prepare the spare bedroom for my 'new arrival'. Having seen Baby Katie look so adorable in her frilly baby panties and frilly frocks, I decided that David should be dressed the same, and that his new nursery be that of a baby girl, so the spare bedroom was painted in all shades of pink. A joinery firm soon manufactured a sturdy cot, playpen and high chair, all big enough to accommodate David, and all in delicate baby pink. Soon all was ready, and I rang Father to tell him that David would be taking an extended leave, My father was only to glad to see David relieved of his duties, apparently he was useless at work too.

David's face was a picture when he arrived home early, saying my father had put Paul, his hated rival, into his position, while David had been granted indefinite leave. He asked me if I had reported him to Father. I replied not yet, but if he did not do exactly as he was told, then he would be locked away by the end of the evening. Whether he was locked away in a cell or a nursery was his choice...only he did not know that just yet.

I insisted that he retire to the bathroom, where I had run a scented bath for him. He was told he was to got into it, and he was to use my hair removing cream on all of his slim body. He meekly complied, with only a murmur about losing his body hair. Once I had dried him I then led him to his new room. His face was a picture. But instead of trying to assert himself, he burst into tears and begged me not to put him into a nursery. His protests were soon silenced by a slap on his bare hairless legs, followed by a pink dummy, which he dutifully sucked while I prepared his nappy. Floods more tears ran down his face as I securely pinned the humiliating white towelling nappy around his waist, followed by a pair of very frilly baby pants. His petticoats, frock, anklets and baby shoes soon followed, along with an adorable bonnet. Oh what a sight he looked as he sat on the floor of his playpen, legs akimbo displaying his pretty frillies, and so very obviously nappied! Any sympathy I might have felt evaporated when he wet his nappy later that evening - he did not even tell me that he wanted to use the bathroom, so it was obvious to me that he wanted to be a baby. It was then and there that I decided to turn him into a baby full time, to see if I could actually regress him back to babyhood.

I can now proudly say that I have achieved all that I set out to do. David...or 'Baby' as he is now known, acts like any other 18 month old baby, he crawls, he cries, he gurgles and he wets his nappies. He is still mortified by his position, of course, especially when I show him off to our friends. He is especially embarrassed when Katie comes to see him; she is 8 years old now. David shared the playpen with her for a while, but while she was promoted out of nappies, David remained in his, and even at that young age Katie seemed to realise how humiliating it was for him to be left behind by a growing toddler. Katie often brings her school friends round to laugh at Baby, and she tells them that they were babies together, but that while she has grown up, Baby never will. They never fail to reduce him to tears, and he is a whimpering wreck by the time he is put into his cot, usually at about 7 o'clock.

There have been so many hilarious moments in David's new life as a baby. (for me, not for him) and I will write again to tell you of them, should your readers express an interest. But for now I would wholeheartedly recommend putting any errant male back into baby clothes, with the addition of sweet baby frocks and adorable bonnets, and of course those hated nappies!

Yours, Melissa (London)

Yes I agree, Melissa, he is much better off imprisoned in petticoats than imprisoned in Penshurst. Your letter is interesting, because many, many psychological profiles have shown that the silly male who embezzles is not really a criminal type, but just a male with an over-inflated ego, a sure sign of immaturity and babyishness. This makes your punishment even more appropriate.

Please do explain to little Katie and her friends why he is being disciplined like this, otherwise it will look somewhat peculiar. But it does give her an idea of how males can be quickly put in their place if they are making a nuisance of themselves, which should be of value to her in later years.


Reply Wed 25 May, 2005 08:35 am
This women has serious issues, I am disgusted!!!!!!!!!!
Reply Wed 25 May, 2005 08:37 am
Can these really be true??? Shocked
Reply Wed 13 Jul, 2005 05:45 pm
My husband is a male nurse and I would never force him to wear female undergarments, and he is just as good as any female nurse. We need more male nurses to help women, especially with lifting patients. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Reply Sun 17 Jul, 2005 02:56 am
"We need more male nurses to help women, especially with lifting patients."

First off let me say that I am not here to just help the female nurses. And I am not here to do the heavy lifting. I don't mind pulling a patient but that is not my primary job. My job is to take care of the sick and injured just like you. My name tag says RN, not hired help.
Reply Sun 17 Jul, 2005 04:34 pm
I like men in panties 8)
Reply Wed 20 Jul, 2005 02:02 am
Now, that is just preposterous (and I'm guessing fictional). I embrace men in the nursing field, and I agree....not just for the lifting; PLEASE. The statement in the letter about men not having the same nurturing skills is also not true, they may not be exactly the same but very effective none the less.

And I wear tshirts, both long and short sleeved, under my scrubs all the time. Shocked How shocking.
Reply Sat 30 Jul, 2005 11:00 am
kinda rounds out their bottoms, better than briefs....huh? and don't just treat them like hired help!!!
glenn 17
Reply Tue 16 Aug, 2005 02:09 am
Re: male nurses in women's panties...
Knowing the truth sometimes is quite not easy to accept! there are some things that we need to do wether we like it or not! all I can say to the guy who wears panties!!! good for you! and more power! Laughing Laughing Laughing
fight for it! Razz
glenn_student 8)
Reply Thu 2 Feb, 2006 10:45 pm
Maybe the whole marriage thing is just a closet for other inclincations. This is absurd and abnormal for the male nurse as well as the nurses checking out male crotches and asses at work. Lets be professional.

Aggravated male nurse!
Reply Sun 12 Feb, 2006 08:49 am
some you women have serious issues, you make me sick....dam feminists

to all you wimps - have you no balls!

no self respecting man would let any1 walk all over them. am not being macho, am telling how it is.

as a muslim man whos discriminated on so many a result am kinda forced into tution fees, hopefully a job security etc

some of you nurses disgust me with your comments...grow up, you'l have sons 1 day. ask urself how would u like if they choose to become nurses. Exclamation

to all u feminists, u cant hav ur cake n eat it... Twisted Evil
Reply Sun 12 Feb, 2006 04:31 pm
sometimes i think we are so competittive that we find things to poke at, with each other. But this man does have his own mind to decide whether doing what his wife wants will keep peace at home, or make himself look better on the job. we have differences in men and in women on purpose. each gender and each personality has so much to offer. and personally, women shouldnt wear mens clothes, and men shouldnt wear womens clothes. can you see women wearing a pair of mens underware? the opening in the front wouldnt serve a purpose. lol
so, why would a man want to wear womens panties?
just a thought.
and men, we are not as strong as you, that is one of our differences.
and if you do more heavy lifting because your a man....well, then, you should get extra pay for the extra work. and for the ability you have to do the extra heavy lifting. sounds right to me. ps. thanks guys for when you do help us women. I sound out a thank you !!
Silver Rider
Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2006 10:43 pm
just a breaf message
well theres alot of talk of mail and femail nurses and quite frankley they all do the same job and they have the same respect for the people they treet so why not just say they are equal. this isnt a game in life that we play, and its wrong of any woman to force a man in to doing what they whant the man to do and same applies for the men.
this is why its an equalet envirument thats why men do nursing just like women and there is no shame in that, we men do it because we want to help others and also we can be docters and so can women thats the thing no one understands and i have to say without docters and nurses both men and women we wouldent have a medical proffecian and without that theres no way to get treeted for illnesses.

well i would like to just say here and now if theres any typos im sorry because im half asleep as i write this

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