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Reply Tue 14 Mar, 2006 07:55 pm
A means of financial support that is commonly used by The Family, where members dress up as clowns and stand in front of grocery stores and other businesses, offering to create balloon animals in exchange for a donation. Clowning is lucrative business and some members rely on it as their main means of support. It is also commonly done during shows for orphanages and hospitals, turning it into a photo shoot for PR, which is in turn used to solicit donations and provision large containers of clothes and other items which in some cases are pilfered through before giving the discards to orphanages, etc.

I'd suggest 'rest' instead of 'discards'. Again, I know exactly what you are talking about. I can just imagine some FMemeber reading that and getting indignant. If we present factual information, and it still sounds bad, then the truth is hurting. However, if we deliberately use words that paint a bad picture, then it's easy for someone to "throw the baby our with the bath water" in true F style. It's better to give credit where credit is due - in the good and bad places. It will be more difficult for people to ignore the truth.

I'd suggest this for other places. I can go through it make suggestions. Please let me know if you want this. If not, I won't bother and will understand that objectivity is a pseudo goal.[/i]
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Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2006 12:35 am
I've made several smallish changes to the stub article, including substituting the word "remains" for "discards". I'll note that the mention of pilfering through provisioned goods is qualified with "in some cases", though in my experience it is much more often than not.

One thing... some articles, including the 2 you've made suggestions for so far, get relatively little attention (e.g. the Clowning article mentioned above had only been edited once [in May 2005, simply to add categorization] since it was first created), and as such they may still be very rough or lacking important info. Suggestions for articles are very welcome. xFamily has gotten to where it is with a very small team (so far) of volunteer editors who work on the site in their free time, so we're happy for all the feedback and help we can get.

For anyone interested in becoming an xFamily editor, see the article on contributing information for more info.
Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2006 11:08 am
However, if we deliberately use words that paint a bad picture, then it's easy for someone to "throw the baby our with the bath water" in true F style. It's better to give credit where credit is due - in the good and bad places. It will be more difficult for people to ignore the truth.

I guess that the same should be said of Hitler and the nazi movement?

The there's the "generous" donations to charity made by Al Capone?

I believe that those that do evil know no other way other than evil!
Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2006 06:15 pm
Yes, we can credit Hitler for making some autobahns. Those are what the highways in Germany are called. We can also credit him for ordering the VW bug to be made.

If we deny these things, then people who know that these things are true, may be tempted to ignore the truth in other areas as well - the areas we want to expose.

Are you following me, evanman?

Here is an example, "Hitler made a junky little car for the Germans to drive." Actually, it was Mr. Porsche that designed it. Hitler gave him the requirements of the car. Mr. Porsche said it was not possible to design such car - the requirements were too strict. Hitler persisted, and Mr. Porsche came through with the bug.

So now, do you see how presenting factual non-biased information is important if you want people to believe you?

Of course if you just want to vent, please go ahead. Though, most people are likely to ignore you.

I think my point is clear and the moderators understand that too. I would be happy to write some articles about TF. "Personal witnessing" is a main form of Proselytization as is "Bible classes" and "follow up". In order to present a rounded picture, these should probably be included as well. It will help the people coming to this site stating that TF is nothing but a bunch of loving caring people with nothing wrong with them at all. Yes, they think they are loving and caring, but "The most common sort of lie is the one uttered to one's self."
-- Nietzsche

Delusion is a root of evil according to Buddhism. Let's not become delusional, shall we? TF has positive traits. That makes it all the more easy for the weak to fall prey to. It becomes all the more deceptive because of the positive traits. If we don't state the positive, ignorant people will fall prey easier. They will think that we are lying. They will believe TF and be suckered. We need not ignore the positive. Present both positive and negative, and the people will see and decide.


Yes, indeed. From what I have seen, pilfering is almost always done. That is why I didn't mention it. That part needs to be there. I can write up the articles mentioned. As you said they are hardly read. Though, when an ignorant soul looks here, he may find a more well rounded picture that what TF presents of themselves when he looks at those articles too.
Reply Thu 16 Mar, 2006 06:12 am
The best lies are 90% true. That makes them so much more dangerous!

Don't think that these are positive aspects of TF, these are the more negative aspects.

Like the Poedophile who seeks to lure kids by offering them sweets!

These are seduction techniques.

Proselitism is the Key word you use! I do not believe that proselitism should be encouraged.
Reply Thu 16 Mar, 2006 06:54 am
Well, that's exactly what I am saying. It'd be better to include the whole conclusion - the whole "lie". Because it is dangerous.
Reply Thu 16 Mar, 2006 02:40 pm
Guess it's your use of "Positive" to describe things about TF.
Reply Fri 17 Mar, 2006 12:06 am
"Positive traits"

Indeed, I know people in TF who are ignorantly suckered into doing nice things while living a lie. Those nice things do not justify the lifestyle of these people. Though they are still nice things - motives aside - at least they seem nice.

I am afraid there's no use me explaining further. Anyone trying to understand would have understood by now. Peolple trying not to understand won't.

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