Information needed re child custody and abduction cases

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Reply Wed 28 Dec, 2005 09:11 pm
Information needed re child custody and abduction cases
I am currently collecting information in preparation for a series of articles I plan to write for regarding the issues of child custody, child abduction, marriage, marital separation and divorce. An important part of this is documenting the experiences of current and former members and the Family's practices and policies regarding such issues.

I have compiled a list of 10 child abduction cases at Category:Child Abduction

However, I believe there are many more such cases out there and would like to hear from those involved. However, to include cases I do need verifiable information and documents such as names, biographic data, court records, press reports, correspondence, etc. I realize many of those involved in such cases will want to protect their privacy and/or the privacy of their children by not having certain identifying information published online. Thus, I am willing to make agreements to protect confidentiality and privacy. The most important thing to me is getting the facts out there and not neccesarily listing the names and identifying information of every person involved in every case. Thus, while such information is needed to verify the facts, it doesn't neccesarily need to be published online. However, before providing *any* information which you would like to be kept confidential, please let me know your confidentiality requirements and make sure I agree to them. This should hopefully prevent any confusion or misunderstandings.

I would like information from anyone to whom any one or more of the following circumstances apply:

1. child custody dispute between ex-member and current (then or now) member
2. child abduction before or after a custody order by a custodial parent with lawful physical custody, a non-custodial parent with rights to access, a non-custodial parent with no rights to access, any other person with no rights to custody or access.
3. marital separation in the COG/TF
4. child abuse during period of abduction/separation
5. adoption proceedings involving members (then or now) of COG/TF

I am also seeking information about marriage, separation and divorce practices in the COG/TF

1. If you were married in the COG/TF, was the marriage legally registered?
2. If you were separated from you spouse in the COG/TF, did you get a legal divorce? (I have heard of a few cases where parents with children separated and did not get legally divorced in some cases for many, many years. I am also aware of cases where couples who were legally married separated, did not get divorced and then married someone else in another country).

I would also be interested in hearing about cases regarding child custody disputes between ex-members and current members (then or now) which were amicably resolved with all parties fully complying with custody orders and agreements. I am not aware of any such cases but surely there must be some.

If you have any information to provide, please write me at [email protected] If you prefer, you may also send information to editors AT If you have general information, questions, comments, references to relevant Family publications, etc. you can post them here.
Reply Fri 2 May, 2008 03:15 pm
Re: Information needed re child custody and abduction cases
Hello, I only just became aware of your internet site. I was a member of the FOL and COG for 3 years and was married legally to a member. We had a daughter together in 1979. My husband disappeared with her in 1985 and I have not known of her whereabouts since then. Over the past 23 years I have tried to find her but with no success. Perhaps you could help me. As the years go on I have gotten increasingly hopeless about this. Her name is Nadia, and she will be 29 years old this August. My family name was' Live.' My husband's name was 'Luke of Love' and he was later married to a woman named Ava. They had a combined family of 9 children when last I saw them. They were in Houston Texas at that time. They likely fled the US in 1985.
I would desperately love to find out the whereabouts of my long lost daughter. Are you able to help,
Reply Tue 20 Jul, 2010 01:50 am
Re: Information needed re child custody and abduction cases
horrible and totally "unchristian" that such a thing is even happening. Why can't members stay in touch with non-member about their children? can any Family-fanatic answer that?
Reply Sun 31 Oct, 2010 01:00 am
Re: Information needed re child custody and abduction cases
have you heard about Amoreena Winkler's book on her 17 years in the family. born in 1978 in Rome, Italy, she escaped when she was 17, went to the authorities in France and went on to higher education.
her story & book can be found here:
also here:
not sure if the book is in english yet.
Peter Frouman
Reply Sun 31 Oct, 2010 06:59 am
Purulence by Amoreena Winkler

I hadn't heard of this book but it sounds very interesting. This is apparently the second or third (a book by Australian Dannielle Cunanne was reportedly scheduled to be published in 2009 by Random House UK but its publication appears to have been delayed or cancelled) published autobiography by someone born and/or raised in The Family.
I don't read French but I have ordered a copy and will pass it along to someone who does and hopefully has time to provide a summary and review. There is a 58-page excerpt on the publisher's site at
jess 2
Reply Mon 1 Nov, 2010 12:07 am
Re: Information needed re child custody and abduction cases
Danielle's book has been postponed Indefinitely. While this book is finished there are many mitigating factors to why I don't believe this book will ever see the light of day while everyone has there own way of telling and dealing what we went through "Not without my sister" covered pretty much all the grisly details.

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