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Reply Tue 24 Jan, 2006 04:26 pm
Stop It All
Hi this is my first topic. i want to say I'm sorry to anyone who was abused. I was also Abused as a child not by "the Family" But it hurts just the same. I'm am propsing that we put a stop to all child abuse. be it internet porn, molestation ect.. i have been surching the net looking for ways to stop it and i but i can't find a sutable way does anyone have any ideas..
Jack 2
Reply Tue 24 Jan, 2006 07:05 pm
Re: Stop It All
Stopitnow wrote:
..i can't find a sutable way does anyone have any ideas..

We could just all stop breeding. If there are no children to abuse, they can't be abused! This would also work toward putting an end to our tragic disgrace if a species.
Reply Thu 26 Jan, 2006 09:43 am
There can be no way of stopping all evil in this world.

All the evil comes from within the individual, we all grow up being selfish, egotistical, deceivers.

The only way to stop it all would be to wipe out all the people--which I seem to recall happened once--except for four couples. Even so it didn't stop anything.

"The Lord of the Flies" is an excellent study on human behaviour. Read it--or watch the film.
Reply Sat 28 Jan, 2006 04:54 pm
Genetic engineering,hopefully before Iran gets the bomb.
Reply Tue 14 Feb, 2006 04:10 am
The solution to evil
Jesus and just Jesus is the solution. There is evil in hearts, that must be dealt with.

Just Calling everything legal doesnt take away the hurt or protect the children.

Just making a set of laws up and enforcing them doesnt work either, as we have tried that.

But if only people could LOVE to do WHAT is RIGHT, then it would be easy for all to do the RIGHT.

But how can people LOVE to do what is right? Perhaps falling in love with the right person.

Dont trust in The Family, Protestants, Catholics, your pastor, Buddah...
Just Jesus.

WalkerJ 1
Reply Wed 15 Feb, 2006 06:29 pm
Re: The solution to evil
eichelman wrote:
Dont trust in The Family, Protestants, Catholics, your pastor, Buddah...
Just Jesus.

Jesus as defined by what?

If the answer to that question is 'the Bible', then one must necessarily place their primary trust in the Bible and their secondary trust in Jesus as defined by the Bible.

If the answer to that question is 'yourself'--as in your own personal concept of what Jesus is--then one's primary trust must be placed in one's self.

In short, until the concept of what Jesus is can be manifested in the present physical realm, there is no way to trust only in Jesus.
Reply Thu 16 Feb, 2006 03:21 am
I agree with Walker up to a point.

We must has some trust in others. We cannot live in isolation. I confide in others some of my deepest feelings, I entrust these things to them.

As far as "Salvation" is concerned--yes, we should only trust in Jesus Christ and what He did as the Sacrificial Lamb of God.
Reply Fri 10 Mar, 2006 12:13 am
The truth resisted looses it's power over the mind. At one point we know what we are doing is wrong. If we are honest with ourselves and desire the truth above all else, we are in a good position to be a positive influence.

Walker's point is correct. Even if you trust in the Bible, there is always the argument that the translation is wrong or the tainted the writings back in Rome, etc. Though, we should know in our own hearts what the truth is. Let me tell you, it says so much in the Bible against fornication and adultery and grtification of the flesh as well as other wrongs. You can't just ignore that. Does anyone know about the Tao? Read that for a while and let your mind mull over it. Chinese Kanjis have Biblical stories in them. No joke. You can find out for yourself. The truth is everywhere to be found. If you are honest with yourself, you will find it.
Monger 1
Reply Fri 10 Mar, 2006 12:19 am
Anonymous wrote:
Chinese Kanjis have Biblical stories in them. No joke.

Would you mind citing your source for this?
Reply Fri 10 Mar, 2006 08:43 am
What are Kanjis?
Reply Fri 10 Mar, 2006 11:38 am
Here is one book about it.

Some of this book is a bit of a stretch. However there a several characters that really make you think. The coincidence is too great. I'm not exactly sure what kind of conclusion you'll draw from this reading. It is my conclusion, however, that since pictographic languages need a point of reference, a picture, then it would make sense to base a pictographic language on something that the users are familiar with. If a house is a mud hut, the the symbol used for house may resemble a mud hut - not a log cabin. So one theory could be that at the time of the Tower of Babel, some people started developing a pictographic language that evolved into Kanjis. Please remember that Mandarin/etc is not the only language to use Kanjis. Korea, and Vietnam, and I think even Thailand used Kanjis. Most of them remain almost the same and have changed very little over the years.

This page disproves this theory.

Though, I will point out that whoever wrote that page is not familiar with Kanjis, or maybe even Asia in general. The argument that there were a lot more that 8 mouths on the boat is pretty lame. Most everyone who is familiar with Kanjis knows that the mouth glyph is often used to to represent a person.

Has anyone ever been to Japan? Do you notice that shrine they carry around during matsuris resembles the "Ark of the Covenant"?

Has anyone ever read Ethiopian text? It has characters that are the same and with the same pronunciation as Katakana.

I'm not trying to prove a point. I'm throwing out some not so discussed things. Maybe it will help people to think.

Kanjis are AKA Chinese characters. Though as you read above, China is not the only country to use them. Lots of Asia used them once upon a time.
Reply Fri 10 Mar, 2006 04:36 pm
I understand. It was my chinese Mother-in-law that first introduced me to this information concerning Chinese characters. She had received a visit from a pastor from China who was sharing a video precisely about this subject (although the video was in Cantonese she did share with us what was being said).

I'd rather trust my Chinese friends concerning their script.

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