Time-traveling prayers (the implications are breathtaking)..

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Reply Sun 22 Apr, 2007 06:48 pm
Time-traveling prayers (the implications are breathtaking)..
Here's a little jewel I just found while browsing the xFamily pubs database:

The Family wrote:
Sending prayers back in time?


179. I was wondering if it's possible to send prayers back in time. Like if I try to remember to pray for something that's happening at a certain time, but then forget, and by the time I remember it it's too late, if I then pray for it will it count and can it go back in time to help the situation?


180. One of the differences in the realm of the spirit is that time works very differently up here. It is too much to explain or for mortal minds to comprehend, but it works very differently than it does down there.

181. As far as praying for something after it happened, there are a couple of different ways that it can be done. For example, say you're in a Home that's looking for new housing, and two of your members are going to have a four o'clock meeting with the landlord of this new house to ask him to bring the price down so that you can afford it. You go out that day and you remember in the afternoon that you're supposed to pray for this meeting, so you do. But by the time you remembered, it was five o'clock, an hour after the meeting. I will take those prayers and they will have an effect on the outcome of the situation, because for Me there is no time. I can accumulate all the prayers that are going to be prayed for the situation before the situation occurs.

182. Another option is, if you remember that you were supposed to pray for this meeting at four and you realize that it's now five o'clock and the meeting is already over, you can pray a prayer thanking Me for having My perfect will with the meeting, or continue to pray that I will work in the landlord's heart even if he didn't accept your first offer. The important thing is to continue to pray for the situation‚ because it's very likely that things are not yet totally decided and your prayers are still needed.

183. In other situations, maybe you don't realize that the thing you're praying for has already happened, but I take those prayers and use them‚ even though according to your time it is already past. It's not necessarily that your prayers are sent back in time, it's more that I Who am not bound by time can use the prayers of the future to help an event that hasn't happened yet.

184. As in all of these issues with time and trying to understand how time will be no more once you get here, it's just one of those things you're going to have to take by faith. You will understand it when you get here. But for now, continue to be My prayer warriors. Regardless of when you pray, it makes a difference. Your prayers move My hand. I am able to do great and mighty things on your behalf. (End of message from Jesus.)

That's from the end of Issues, Part 16, Maria #648 CM 3450 3/03.

I'll have to ask the next Family member I meet if they can be held responsible for Hitler's rise to power (to at least some small degree) if they aren't praying every day that he be thwarted. Twisted Evil Or, perhaps, does Jesus stop collecting future prayers after the people praying discover the outcome of events? The spirit world is so confusing. First we had heaven simultaneously traveling through space and beneath the moon, then came prophecies from living people, and now this.
Cookie 2
Reply Sun 22 Apr, 2007 08:44 pm
Jesus speaking: I can accumulate all the prayers that are going to be prayed for the situation before the situation occurs.

hee hee. Too bad that isn't true... case in point, how about when my friend died, i didn't know he was going to die, it was sudden. so how could i have prayed for his safety but in the future praying backward, like they said. so if i pray and pray, maybe he'll not have died? huh? Confused
m 2
Reply Mon 23 Apr, 2007 11:58 am
Stop bashing things your mortal mind can't comprehend! Mr. Green
Reply Mon 23 Apr, 2007 03:33 pm
This teaching concerning prayers being able to change the past is never taught and/or practiced by Jesus and His disciples in the New Testament. We can be certain that this is a delusional teaching!

Kind of like the Mormon "Baptism for the dead" doctrine.

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