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Reply Wed 21 Nov, 2007 07:28 pm
Re: stop apologizing
a girl then wrote:
Jason, the problem is also that they keep chanting "we apologized seven times" or whatever, referring to their generalized and obfuscating double-speak which neber meets the recognize requirements for a basic apology, but when a specific person speaks out with specific allegations, they call us liars, crazy, delinquent, whores.
evanman wrote:
Untill the "Family" renounce and reject Berg as God's Prophet, renounce and reject Zerby's ramblings and complience in everything done then The "Family's" "Apologies" are not worth the paper they are vomitted on!
That's absolutely right. I know I am more than willing to forgive someone if they are TRUELY sorry.
The problem is they are not sorry
I would highly recomend that the "Family" lets thoes abusers that are"sorry" write personal letters or post personal letters adressed to every victim by name. I know they (the guilty) remember our names and I know many of the guilty still remain in the FI..Quit hiding behind the rest of the "family"! You know who you are. All I have to say to the FI is this...
your so called "apologies" are not even going to work for us but rather adds insult to injury. And just remember you can't bolshit a bolshitter .

to "a girl then"
I know. They are afraid. Some are afraid to accept the fact that they had something to do with such crimes and alot of them are afraid of getting busted. I would imagine after Rickys death the FI or at least some of the abusers are deathly afraid of us exmembers as well.
I don't expect any confessions or real apologies coming out of the FI any time soon so all we can do is try to get on with our own lives and just have faith that God will take care of the rest. Take care and God bless you.

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