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Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2005 09:26 pm
a note from Judy
This was posted this evening on NDN by Anneke from Judy. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but it might shine some light on certain events of the past.

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a note from Judy

Posted By: Anneke
Date: Saturday, 4 June 2005, at 9:02 p.m.

Here is something very interesting that I shared with Connie yesterday, and insight. When people got into the cult, the ones that stayed for any length of time, and I would say over two years at least, maybe more like five, is because Berg or another leader was able to find certain talents that they had and put them to use. One characteristic of psychopaths is that they read people. They read people very well, (demonic spiritual insight) they know what their talents are and how to use them. That is the thing that people say about cult leaders is that these guys actually made them feel good because they discovered their talents and challenged them to reach heights with their goals. That was part of the thrill of being in a cult. There was a certain fulfillment in using your talents to heights you never had used otherwise. Of course the cult leader was using your talents for his own purposes, to build his own kingdom, but you kind of went along because you were accomplishing things you would never have otherwise accomplished. Some people who had been cooks for example, were now running kitchens of several hundren people. Young people who had some leadership, and maybe at most had been a manager at McDonalds(how much work experience did an 18-20 yr old have) Some people like Jeremiah, who knew a little guitar, was now writing songs, and leading inspiration for 100's and going on TV.

Rachel put it well. Berg knew he had to give me a title and a leadership position to keep someone like me in the cult. She has a high opinion of herself, but then again she was a raving beauty, and could have been a high fashion model. She was a great cook, and had a lot of natural social skills. But she was in charge of all the colonies in the family in the world at a young age, or course she had good staff around her.

I remember being out winning souls every day. And several disciples a week for years. Some people hardly ever win souls, and consider winning one a month a big thing, and I was praying with people to receive Jesus every day for years. I was singing and traveling and even learning about counseling with Jane, and counselling is a talent I have, which in some ways I use with psych nursing, but don't get to do it much as of yet.

Ron was building schools, and all kinds of buildings in which he learned a lot, and developed a lot of skills. Skills he might not have learned otherwise so well. The faith of travelling around Europe doing it is incredible.

But basically most people stayed in the cult as long as they felt used and challenged. If Berg or some member of his family, or other leader had not recognized talent in us, we would never have stayed. And many people left the cult not because they saw so many things wrong, but that they no longer felt that blessing upon their life. We kind of came to an awareness that we were waisting our time, and not going anywhere anymore. That is what a lot of cult literature has to say, they say people come out of the cult when they are no longer happy being in there, and they are no longer feeling fulfilled. That is how Deb left, she had been demoted, and knew this time her father wasn't going to promote her again, not with Bill for sure. She knew how her father was and so had an insight to get out of there sooner than others who didn't know how Berg operated.

Once people have doubts in there, and leadership knows they have doubts, they are pretty much done for. Because Berg knew he couldn't trust them in high places where they would see more evil, and get even more doubts. Simon was one. When I was in Paris, Marriane and Paul, told Raoul and I to be careful because Simon sympathized with Jane and might tell her where we were, and she would come and try to get Merry again. Well, I liked Simon, and did see him, but not at my house. I had doubts too. In fact Jeremiah's and his wife Judy, we all had doubts going on for years. We just were not sure enough to get out of there. In spite of our doubts we still believed in Berg. That belief system had not been shaken yet. Eventually you realize that staying in the cult is going nowhere.

The point I am making is that many people say they took on an altered identity within the cult, and didn't use many of the talents of who they really are. There is some truth to that, Berg and Deborah, did tend to stereotype people. I am very good with children, but Deb never wanted to see that, because she hated unmarried mothers with babies so bad that she never gave me a chance. So Jane and Aaron more or less picked me up and developed the talents in me that they had themselves. You can only develop in others what you have yourself. Jane was a good counselor as well as apostle, she was a pioneer. Aaron was a great worship leader, and prophet, and deliverence ministry. I learned those things from them. They were under a kind of oppression because of Berg's influence over them but not so much so that they couldn't still use their talents.

Aaron was using his talents as a worship leader mightily in the beginning, and even with me and Jane and Stephen. The reason we won so many deciples and put Canada on the map in the cult is because the two ministries in Ephesians 4: the gifts of apostle(Jane), and the gift of prophesy(Aaron), got together powerfully, and Stephen and I each had the gift of evangelism. We truly were the fiersome foursome. When we went places people won disciples. But we got to England, and Berg wrote the letter "Labor Leaders" in which he said, we don't need anymore musicians, we have too many of these spacy characters already, we need some practical down to earth people. Aaron was put down in Berg's inner circle. All Aaron talked about from then on was how he was history. He didn't see himself going further. That is when he gave up on himself. Now if he hadn't believed in Berg he would have just left the cult, but he believed in his dad, and decided the thing to do was to take himself out of the way where it would look like an accident and not cause trouble to the work. Aaron was going nowhere.

Jane and Stephen left the cult, when they too realized that their great days were over. Jane knew Berg too, and like Deb, because she knew she would never be re-promoted either came to the end of herself. That is how it goes.

I hope all the bad publicity about Ricky etc, will help others in the cult realize they are going nowhere. The word for it is ICKABOD. The spirit of the Lord has departed. WHATEVER REASONS PEOPLE HAVE FOR STAYING IN THE CULT NOW, CERTAINLY ARE NOT JESUS. Like John McCleane said a long time ago, "The three men I admired most, the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, caught the last train for the Coast the day the music died." In their case the Holy Spirit left them all a long time ago. When Berg came out of the closet with the sins he carried on behind the scenes with his own family, to the cult at large, that is when the Holy Spirit left the common person in the cult. I believe it was the COMMON PERSON IN THE CULT WHO WAS TRULY SAVED that kept the whole thing going and growing in the first place. Just like it is the common people in America who believe in Jesus, work hard and pay taxes, that keep America going. It is not all the leaders in Washington D.C. that keep the country going, or the CEO's who steal the retirements of the hard working people who keep it going. It has always been the SINCERE LITTLE PEOPLE who have kept anything going, when it comes down to it. But once the common people in the cult got CONTAMINATED it was over. Because the Holy Spirit fled from those who held the whole thing together in the first place.

Well, I'd say some of this is worth putting on the internet. INSIGHT. That is what therapy is about, helping people get INSIGHT, because insight is like exposing wrong thinking and helping people develop right thinking. Part of the Christian message is just exposing the lies of the devil, and telling them the truth, and "The truth shall set you free."

God blessing Singing Sam, and his deep honesty which he put on the website, exfamily.org. The root of his songwriting is his soul, which is able to be truthful, and not cover his sins, so that people could see who he really was, where he got deceived, how he got undeceived, and how he is still going on to find ways to serve God, and hasn't given up, and is an example to me and others.

I believe that all the true people of God who joined the cult, had a CALLING. Just because they got deceived by the enemy, does not mean that they are evil people, and that they did not have a CALLING OF GOD. Rom 3:23: "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." OK so we went on a long detour off the straight and narrow, that doesn't mean we can't get back on, and be used more powerfully than we were before. I claim the verse, "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." We got our spirits contaminated, but now our spirits are healing, and the contamination is getting flushed out by the Holy Spirit coming in. We are getting detoxified. Being purified again.

Here is my mission statement in concise words: "GET PEOPLE OUT AND GET PEOPLE IN." Out of the devil's kingdom and back into God's kingdom.

Joel has this idea of Berg not being dead and repenting and old timers being called back to positions of leadership. Well, he is right and he is wrong. Berg is dead. But God wants to call the old leaders back into God's Kingdom. God wants to REDEEM THE CALL of those who were led astray, and lost their God given chance to use their talents and the reason they were created by God in the first place. JOEL WAS A GREAT TEACHER. As well as he knew the Book of Revelation he got us into the word, and loving the word. And Joel got a lot of his love of the Word from Aaron. All Joel has to do is realize their is a true church, and get back on the right bandwagon. And I am not saying that any old church will do. I am saying there are churches that are dead, and there are churches full of the Holy Spirit. In fact modern day prophets are saying that the church is going through a greater REFORMATION than even in Martin Luther's day. God is calling people out of old dead churches into new alive churches where the Spirit of God is. It is actually an ECUMENICAL MOVEMENT, from the standpoint that God is pulling people out of the Catholic Church, and the Baptist church, and out of all churches into churches where the light is going out, into churches where the light is. And some churches are having the light being put back in, by the churches around them that have the light.

So in many ways the DREAM we had when we joined the COG, IS STILL ALIVE. I had a dream and it was destroyed with Aaron's suicide. But you know, I HAD MY EYES ON MAN. Cults are run by a Charismatic leader who draws people to himself and not to God. They set up their own kingdom instead of God's kingdom.

Sept 11th did in some ways wake me up. Because I realize that in some ways the message that the church needs to change to stay alive and survive is still important. Look at how the Muslims are attacking Christians. It is Holy War. They are on the attack,attacking Christians. We threw their Koran around. Well, they burned down Christians churches, Bibles and all. Come on Joel speak up about things like this, as your gifting can.

God is humbling all or our pride. Joel, we aren't going to glory that we are so self-righteous and better than others. God is getting the glory. Repent that we were deceived by a jerk. Ask God to forgive you, that you were deceived. Yes, we are mad, that we got deceived. But being mad doesn't help us heal. We still have to ask God to forgive us our sins, even if in some ways it wasn't our fault that we were lied to. But I am sure you can think of other sins you did. Go back to a church were God is. Read the Christian books, and get retrained or trained in the first place. Ask God to transform your spirit by the Holy Spirit. Spend a few years studying the right message. And then pray for God to give you a ministry back in the true church.

In some says we all have enough sin behind us to keep us humble and from being self-righteous for a long time to come. Like Apostle Paul, he was killing Christians, but God called him. I BELIEVE THAT GOD LOVES EACH OF US WHO WERE LED ASTRAY BY BERG, AND JUST WANTS US TO REPENT, ASK FORGIVENESS, AND THEN JUST DO WHAT WE CAN WITHIN THE CHURCH AND HE WILL RESTORE US TO OUR CALLING.

So put this on the chat board and bounce it around a while. Judy

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