Italy - Nov 1975 through Aug 1977 - Band and Rome Disco

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Amos 1
Reply Thu 14 Jan, 2010 11:11 am
Italy - Nov 1975 through Aug 1977 - Band and Rome Disco
Hey all - Ciao a tutti! This is Amos Watchman - anyone remember me? I would like to hear from any of the following brothers and sisters who may remember me to see how they are all doing: Tichicus and Jehoida, former guards at the Rome Disco, "The Family Hand," during 1976; Ahimilech, Samson, Michael, Patience, Sarah, Angelo, from the Band family in Rome during late 1975 through 1976; anyone working at the school ran by that German sister (whose name I cannot remember) near Rome; anyone from the Massa colony throughout 1976 - Samuele Cop, Ancela, Jemima, Ezekiele, Felice, Eman, and any American brothers or sisters who were there; anyone who was in the Milan colony in late 1976 - Simon, Sorriso and anyone else; Didymus Squirrel, where are you - remember those road trips down south?; anyone who was in the Vicenza colony in late 1976 through Aug 1977.

Love to hear from anyone - how are you all doing? To help you recollect, I was the tall American brother with fuzzy hair who played the guitar and sang.
Reply Tue 14 Dec, 2010 07:48 pm
Re: Italy - Nov 1975 through Aug 1977 - Band and Rome Disco

Mail my dad

he was there! [email protected]

Reply Fri 13 May, 2011 10:52 pm
I was in Italy from September 1975 until late September 1976. I was part of the "High School" based out of Firenze. We traveled to Rome, Milano, and when I was based out of Antella (not far from Poggio Secco) I was on the road nearly every weekend and in the summer of 1976 spent nearly 4 months camping out and traveling up and down the east coast, based out of Ancona. I know two people from that era. One was Aqua Velva (not the very famous one) but a catecomb member in Milano. She spent a summer in Massa ( I think). Stefano convinced her father to do so. Also, Rusty, aka "Titus" lives near Milano even now. I was in the group for three total years.
Reply Wed 8 Oct, 2014 07:09 pm
I was in Italy in 1979-1980:
I stayed in a family home in Trieste where Simon and Maria were the area shepherds.
I met a brother there whose name was Francesco and we liked each other. He didn't want to stay in the family and so I left the home with him and went to his parents place in Napoli where we stayed. I wanted to marry him but he wasn't ready for that, so I went to a home in Bari. I found out I was pregnant to Francesco, and he did visit once and I told him. He gave me his familie's home number but with family travel I lost it and was never able to contact him again. I named my daughter Francesca, after him and would by some miracle love to find him as my daughter always wants to know him.
He sang beautifully and played guitar, and he was slim and had curly hair.
If anyone knew him can you please contact me. I live in Australia, but am of Croatian origin.
In the family you never knew people's exact or real names, so I don't know Francesco's surname, but I think Francesco was his real name.
I would so much appreciate any information as he has a very beautiful, kind, and clever daughter who I am very sure he would love to see the picture of.
My email: [email protected]

Gracie tanto.
PS: my name was Starlight in the family, but my name is Adela

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