Any old Queensland/AUSTRALIA members here?

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Reply Wed 9 Jan, 2008 11:10 pm
Any old Queensland/AUSTRALIA members here?
hey just found this site im an old member from late 80s in queensland /australia looking to contact any old qld members to chat im the son of hidi was in the group home of paul & peace /johnathan & faith i knew many other local groups and was in it for a number of years as a young boy

by the looks of it no1 ever finds any1 so ill add a lil more info
some of the young kids i hung around at the time where

##kids of paul and peace## --know to have lived in france at some time

##Kids of johnathan and faith##-- known to have lived in parts of india

not sure of parents names --know to have lived in usa and tailand
seth and cris -twins

my memory is limited as i was young around 10-13 y/o at the time but these poeple i will never forget id be happy to hear any information about any of them please
Caleb Rien
Reply Thu 9 Jun, 2011 05:21 am

My name is Caleb Rien and I was in the family from 1985 to 1994
I no longer interact with the "Family" ... not because I hate them or anything like that but I am happy with the way my life has turned out, after leaving the family. I currently live/work in the middle east. I might have met you at some point in India but can't be sure.
Since you are from Australia ... I am searching for a long lost friend (in 1989 to be precise), her name was Esther (that was her "Family" name and I really don't know her legal name...her father's name was Amos), she used to live in India doing missionary work ... the last time we met was in Madras (now called Chennai), Inida.
Last I know of her is that she had gone to Australia with her parents in 1989 and subsequently left the Family. She was 15 in 1989 (so she should be almost 37 years old now.
So, I'm just trying to get in touch with her ... so if know anything about her i'd appreciate if you could pass on any info of her whereabouts.

Sorry for taking the liberty of writing to you but thought I'd give it a shot.

Best regards
Reply Mon 20 Jun, 2011 03:54 pm
i came back to this forum tonight since i'm still looking out to see whatever happened to Joan, the woman i once loved (& still love) so deeply. now that you mention it, the "Paul" mentioned in my thread was actually french, but as far as i know there were not any children between him & Ruth when he was with her at Elmers End, but anyways, that was around 1979-1980.

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