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Reply Sun 8 May, 2022 02:55 pm
I've been learning about TFI, and something in one of Angel DeSantis' excellent "Cult Story Time" videos caught my attention. In passing, Angel mentioned that cult members view vaccinations as something "of Satan" (or something to that extent.)

I'd like to know what the group's official stance is toward immunizations, in general, and the group's official position on COVID vaccinations, in particular -- if such current official policy is public knowledge.

Also, if there is someplace in the group's literature where their position on immunization is actually stated in writing, that would be especially helpful. I've searched online but I haven't yet been able to find anything.

Reply Thu 12 May, 2022 02:36 pm
Information about "Satanic" influences is typically presented through symbols. The relevant symbols for COVID19 "vaccination" are the Staff of Asclepius (a serpent on a pole/staff) and the caduceus form which has two snakes on a pole, with wings at the top. The snake/serpent on a pole is associated with the crucifixion and with Moses healing the people. The Satanic association is that snakes attack using venom, and venom peptides have been identified in samples of "vaccine".
Reply Thu 12 May, 2022 03:43 pm
Reply Sat 14 May, 2022 11:58 pm

Thank you. I appreciate your explanation.

I found various places in the Mo Letters where David Berg talks about vaccinations, and it seems that he was willing to get shots in order to be permitted to travel internationally back in the day. He seems negative about professional healthcare, in general, but I couldn't find a clear, overt condemnation by him of all inoculations... just negative comments.
In Mama's Memo No. 6 (Maria 411) of 12/97, Karen Zerby interprets Berg's position as indicating a negative attitude to vaccinations but she also seems to leave the decision to vaccinate up to individual families. In other words, there's no blanket condemnation of vaccinations that I can find in TFI documents that are available online.
Q: Is the interpretation of symbols that you've explained a belief that would be widely held by Family members today? If so, where would they find such information about such interpretations? Are there current confidential Family documents about such things only shared among trusted members?
Thanks, again!

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