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Reply Wed 14 Sep, 2005 10:27 pm
During my teen years in the late 80s, I tried to contact CHILDREN OF GOD in order to have sex with the girls and women.
I am agnostic,from an atheist family,but many of my classmates wanted to contact them for the flirty fishing.
They (the cult) hired a space in the radio CX 32 RADIOMUNDO,and used to sell posters and casettes in the park and flea market FERIA DE VILLA BIARRITZ, and maybe do some expensive hooking in the PASEO DEL PARQUE,PARQUE BATLLE,PARQUE DE LOS ALIADOS.

in 1989 I finally contacted some Children Of God in VIlla BIarritz, a middle aged woman,not very attractive,and talked with some men from the cult in Cafe Sorocabana, but they then disappeared and I never had intercourse with the girl-disciples...

I would like to know stories of CH.of.G. in Montevideo.Uruguay,and also about PUNTA DEL ESTE,MALDONADO...a former girlfriend of mine almost was capted by the sect in Maldonado, she used to buy casettes of MUSICA CELESTE or MAGIA CELESTE.

Now, I am an agnostic,with the hobbie of knowing about sects and occultism, and have a web page (but it was hacked)
my web is:

and you can also tell your stories in

Best regards,
Fabian Swinger Yorugua 666
a right wing agnostic that likes to know about religions and occultism Twisted Evil

ps: Considering the activities of the christians, I would gladly join the Church Of Satan...
Peter Frouman
Reply Thu 15 Sep, 2005 03:21 am
Well, by the time you met them they had already mostly stopped the prostitution and having sex with non-members. So you never had much of a chance. Not that it would have been worth it if you did.

I lived in Montevideo from October 1987 until November 1988. At the time, they had a house in Carasco and another one in Pocitos on Bulevar Espana. The latter one was a former embassy ( I don't recall for which country - it may have been Venezuela or the Czech Republic). Sometime in the early to mid-1980s, David Berg and his staff considered moving to Uruguay. Supposedly they sent Alf to check things out. Some of the members who had been there at the time would often point out the house on the Rambla where David Berg would have lived if they had decided to move there.

I also spent some time in Punta del Este. In the summer they rented a house in Maldonado (apparently the rents there were much cheaper than Punta del Este) and they would send teams there to sell tapes and posters during the busy tourist season. They were really after all the money and rich people there but I don't think they ever had much sucess there.

I remember a young girl named Clara from Maldonado who was sort of seduced by a blonde Argentine guitar player named Joel and whom he eventually convinced to join. Supposedly she was on drugs (probably cocaine) and before she could "forsake all" and join, they had to pay off her drug dealer to whom she owed a lot of money and who was threatening to harm her and her family if she didn't pay. Fortunately, she didn't stay very long and as far as I know left the Family after a few months and went back home.
Jack 2
Reply Thu 15 Sep, 2005 10:50 am
Re: Montevideo,Uruguay
Quote: order to have sex with the girls and women.


While in Florida doing a contract, I had a several drinks with my client and his son. Somewhere in our conversation, my past was brought up. After telling the story of being raised in a "sex-cult," a story now laced with well rehearesed punchlines both to soften the blow and to keep me from getting emotional, Dean got very quiet. After a few minutes of not saying anything he finally, embarassingly admitted to having followed the COG around for 2 days in order to persue the tapage of ass.

Apparently he never did get laid and got more annoyed by the bad religion and straight up stupidity.. I guess I could fain interest in religion to get leid. Naw.. probably not.
Reply Thu 15 Sep, 2005 06:21 pm
thanks for the info. Very Happy
By the way ,one of my dream jobs would be to be the owner of a cult or a new religion,so the people pay me the 10% of their salaries, and some of them are also mad enough to give me all their belongings,houses and cars.,even work for me without a salary,and not only give their souls for religion but also their bodies.

A very well known local deprogrammer, Ubaldo Pino, more than once tried to begin his own sect...It is like a dream corporation : no expenses to pay,no salary,free buildings..

1989 Surprisedr maybe 1991 : there was some whoring done by people connected to the sect in PASEO DEL PARQUE.

1991 or 1992 : How do you explain that they were protected by high ranking police officers,or polithical autorities of Ministerio Del Interior ? Maybe they videotaped some official having sex with minors ? Embarrassed

so, they don´t do more boring...
a former associate of mine, tried to begin a satanic cult based on Ch Of G,and Charles Manson, he copied tecnics used by pentecostal evangelist of throwing people to the floor with mind control, and got to pimp some of his disciples-girls...a nice racket,indeed...

the mind control tecnics work,even in the name of Mo,Moon,Lucifer or catholicism

CATHOLIC SEX CULT : in Uruguay,early 90s a catholic priest father Antelo,was jailed because of rape, violence to minors and other things connected with his COMUNIDAD JERUSALEN, therw was sex and beatings and brainwash but not paid whoring.

Ch Of G: that I met in CAFE SOROCABANA in 1989 : an american balding slender 40s man that was a MARINE,and a blonde,short heavy set (but not fat) uruguayan or argentinan man called Daniel, very good looking,like a pimp or a weightlifter.They offered to bring a girl,but they didn´t delivered... Evil or Very Mad

Best regards,and

have a nice weekend !!!

PS: you can post in my web of uruguayan occultism,sects and weird religions, you are welcome here because of your experience.
Twisted Evil
(if possible,in spanish

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