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Reply Sat 20 Aug, 2005 10:00 pm
My questions
I was born into the COG. My parents got out. My dad died in 1979 just 9 days after my 7th birthday. My mom married shortly fater. I just have some questions and I want to find out if I can get some answers here. He is not here and I would feel better not talking to her about this.
I want to find out first when did the sexual abuse start with the children?

Also he was some kid of leader and I want to find out how do you become a leader of any kind? This was in the late 60's earlt 70's. can any one please help me? I am going through a lot of emotional problems and I have no idea of why and I am trying to fin out where the root of it all is coming from. So of course Dateline comes on again with another story of cog. please help.
Reply Sun 21 Aug, 2005 05:52 am
The child sexual abuse began, on a general scale from the late 1970's after the publication of the Davidito letters, although it was occurring "clandestinely" within the cult before then.

The physical abuse was always a part and parcel of the group.

You may preferr to speak privately with people so as people respond to this question of yours you can pm them, as you feel led to. I am certain that you will find the appropriate people with whom you can be open with, and who will be open with you.

I would say that if you are a victim of abuse that you would be advised to seek proffessional help.

If you are having bad thoughts don't isolate yourself, the thoughts are bad but acting on them is far worse.
Reply Sun 21 Aug, 2005 09:14 am
Hi there -

you asked how one becomes a leader in TF. In the early days, one just got appointed because one appeared spiritual, I suppose. Also, other leaders had to like you and think that you had the qualities they were looking for - usually somebody tough and could keep a group of people in line, who wasn't shy about tellling someone off for not being "in the spirit" or some other such nonsense. Then of course, there was the guise that one "cared" for the sheep. So the smart leaders, Shem comes to mind, have that supposed charm that covers their butt when they are disciplining you for your perceived crimes of rebelliousness or whatever spiritualness they deemed you to be lacking. There wasn't really a set way of making one a leader. I certainly never made the grade.

Hope that helps. I know it's hard now that all this light is being shed on TF, it's hard on my kids too, they don't like it. But try to think about the good that is going to come out of it, that others will be spared hopefully and that those that are trapped in that horrid group may be able to make a break and especially those with little children. Others like yourself who were hurt for no good reason. Please do keep coming around and talking if that helps. All the best to you.

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