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Reply Fri 24 Aug, 2007 11:39 am
Christian Domestic Discipline
This has got to be a parody: Christian Domestic Discipline. It would be funny if it wasn't so disturbing . . . but I will laugh anyway! LOL!

These quotes sum it up for you:
CCD wrote:
A Christian Domestic Discipline marriage is one that is set up according to Biblical standards; that is, the husband is the authority in the household. The wife is submissive to her husband as is fit in the Lord and her husband loves her as himself. He has the ultimate authority in his household, but it is tempered with the knowledge that he must answer to God for his actions and decisions. He has the authority to spank his wife for punishment, but in real CDD marriages this is taken very seriously and usually happens only rarely. CDD is so much more than just spanking. It is the husband loving the wife enough to guide and teach her, and the wife loving the husband enough to follow his leadership. A Christian marriage embodies true romance and a Christian man a true hero.

Though we recognize by its very nature this subject can be erotic, we will keep this website as clean and wholesome as possible. However, we will not seek to deny the erotic nature of some CDD marriages as we believe it is a natural consequence of following God's plan. After all, He created eroticism to be enjoyed inside a Christian marriage.

Though we believe the Bible gives a husband the authority to use spanking as one tool in enforcing his authority in the home with or without his wife's permission, in today's world we recognize the legality that mandates that all CDD must be consensual. Therefore we will do not condone nonconsensual CDD as a rule.
Reply Fri 24 Aug, 2007 03:00 pm
Interesting fetish site. Did you check out the "Heirloom Intimates"--?

Hairbrushes figure prominently on the book covers...

Then there's the CDD version of "Squeeze, Don't Jerk"...
Reply Thu 11 Oct, 2007 07:54 am
I'm with BE on this one... it is in fact both a fetish site and -- in my strong opinion -- an anti-woman (thus also anti-man) website. In fact, the whole "domestic discipline" thing is a very thinly disguised portion of the Sado-Masochism / bondage subculture; its linkage to Scripture is disgusting.

I would, for a refreshingly different set of biblical ideas on women in marriage (and women in leadership) check out the Christians for Biblical Equality website. These dear women and men emphasize the biblical reality that submission -- to work -- has to be a mutually shared affair where one doesn't get to be the boss simply because he has a penis.

I often write for CBE, have spoken for them numerous times, and believe intensely that their message goes beyond feminism to touch on the very fabric of what the Church is really supposed to be. It has application to the COG/Family in that Berg's anti-woman, anti-mutuality message finds an apt answer in some of the CBE materials shared on the CBE website.

Jon Trott
Mark Scheiderer
Reply Fri 12 Oct, 2007 03:35 pm

I realize that it is your call on who and what is posted here, but the cult that "Slacker75" a.k.a. Jon Trott is a member of used to practice adult spanking. NO JOKE. They've since continued the practice. A little Googling of "JPUSA" should lead you to some info by Virginia University. There may also be documentation on .

It is simply outlandish that Trott would post on this topic.

Trott's presence here is simply a feeble p.r. attempt on behalf of JPUSA. The cult's leader, Dawn Mortimer, probably lurks in the shadows, pulling Trott's strings.

Mark Scheiderer
Reply Mon 15 Oct, 2007 07:43 am

You persistently show up in the middle of a conversation and inject your monofocused nonreality into the middle of it. Ah, well.

For the edification of others...

Never, ever did Jesus People USA involve itself or its members in B & D behaviors. We did -- briefly in the 1970s -- experiment with the voluntary spanking of adults as a psychological concept rooted in "healing the inner child". This came about via the direction of one Jack Winters (a church leader of Daystar Ministries, a larger charismatic group of communities, that we made ourselves accountable to after we had to remove our own lone elder due to his immorality and replace with a plurality of leaders). It's a long story, and anyone interested can read about it in my Life's Lessons article (which, by the way, has been publically available since the late 1980s). JPUSA has never hidden any of this history, and even during the span of time the Winters doctrine was in use we talked about it with other churches and fellowships.

Here's a bit from a longer section of Life's Lessons:

Jack Winters' weekly class, which usually dealt with counseling, healing, and deliverance, eventually wandered into some pretty interesting territory. His teaching, according to those who were there, went something like this: This is a rebellious generation--young, rebellious people who didn't grow up having any discipline or love from their parents. Sometimes, they need to go back and experience discipline to deal with that rebellion in their lives. You need to go back and walk through those steps, receiving parental discipline to heal the rebellious adult. In short, what Winters was talking about was giving spankings to "rebellious" adults!

JPUSA's two elders, Richard and Glenn, looked at each other and within a few days went out to Daystar in the suburbs to get their spanking; whatever it took to get closer to Jesus! Though the spankings might seem more shocking to the reader, what shocked the rest of JPUSA about Glenn and Richard's visit was that they came back with their long hair cut off! (Winters felt the hair was a sign of rebellion as well.)

To follow this historical thread to its conclusion, for the next three years, members of JPUSA continued to "apply" this teaching if they felt there were real areas of rebellion in their lives. One elder, in particular, felt that "the rod" (a thin pine dowel) was of great help in his life. Though occasional classes had been taught at JPUSA on the practice, many members simply chose not to avail themselves of this "discipline." The fact that, for instance, this writer joined Jesus People in January of 1977, yet didn't encounter Winters' teaching until nearly a year had passed, indicates the place the rod occupied in the regular JPUSA disciple's life. 40

As time went on, Winters' rationale for the spankings no longer made sense, if it ever had. By 1978 the practice was waning, and the few still asking for such "ministry" didn't seem to be benefiting from it. At a meeting held in early 1978, Glenn Kaiser announced to the fellowship that Winters' teaching had been in error and that we were discontinuing the practice. His rationale was that (1) the teaching was outside the evangelical mainstream, that no one else we knew of (besides Winters) was practicing this teaching, and that JPUSA didn't want to be involved with anything which would bring reproach to Christ; and that (2) that people were using "getting the rod" as a cheap alternative to serious repentance, which ought to be about stopping wrong behavior and pursuing righteous behavior.

Soon afterward, JPUSA pastors raised the issue of Winters' teaching at a meeting of Chicago-area Christian communities. Among other fellowships represented at that meeting, Reba Place, Wellspring, and Gospel Outreach were present. Our pastors raised the issue frankly, stating that we had been practicing Winters' concept of adult spankings but now questioned its legitimacy and advisability. Other community leaders admitted they, too, had briefly experimented with such ideas, but like us, had found them either unworkable or simply foolish.

Again, were we stupid to listen to Winters. Sure. But (a) the spankings had no sexual context (they were done fully clothed and took about 15 seconds!) and (b) were meant to be reparative to adults who had never experienced good parenting. Dumb for sure. And that's why we ditched the practice.

One more comment to Mark. This time you you blatantly lied by claiming " They [JPUSA] have since continued the practice." No, we have not. And you, who certainly have read our public documents on line, knew that.

Now, I hope we can return to the topic this thread was actually about. And I apologize to others who find these side-trips into JPUSA (not what this board is about) tiresome.

Jon Trott
Mark Scheiderer
Reply Mon 15 Oct, 2007 04:58 pm
Answering a fool according to his folly...
1. The "continued" statement was an error on my part. ( I typed "...the cult that "Slacker75" a.k.a. Jon Trott is a member of USED to practice adult spanking. NO JOKE. They have since continued the practice.) I did indeed mean to type the word "DIScontinued". A proveable error on my part.

2. I nowhere implied this was done in any sexual context.

3. states that JPUSA's foray into adult spankings lasted 3 years.

Mark Scheiderer
Mark Scheiderer
Reply Mon 15 Oct, 2007 05:08 pm
4. The "JPusa" thread in this "General" section of the forums contains a post by an anonymous exJPUSA cult member who states that her son - and other children - were sexually molested at JPUSA . This is the first thread that "Slacker75" a.k.a. Jon Trott posted on YET he NEVER addressed the issue of child molestation at JPUSA! Although child molestation within JPUSA never reached the level of the COG, and although it was never taught as a "doctrine", it was one of just a myriad of problems within this cult, whose own original leader was an adulterous, lecherous pervert.


Mark Scheiderer
Reply Mon 15 Oct, 2007 07:31 pm
Thorwald and whomever...

If any of *you* (minus the previous poster) have further interest in posting me, either here or elsewhere, feel free.

Mark Scheiderer
Reply Tue 16 Oct, 2007 03:23 pm

You stated that you thought of joining the COG at the age of 13. Was this because they used "flirty fishing" to try to reel you in? It's no coincidence that you dodged a sex cult and are now an individual who is OBSESSED with sex. Like Berg, sex is your real god.
I find it ironic that you - like JPUSA's other in-house apologist, Eric Pement - dodge one cult and wind up in the one your are presently in.
Perhaps your wife could come on here and post. What about Eric or even your puppet master, Dawn Mortimer posting here? Let them know about this place. I think their presence here would provide a few laughs.
And speaking of Dawn, whatever happened to her child molesting, first husband, John Herrin? He was the founder of JPUSA wasn't he? Didn't he get kicked out for being such a pervert?
The similarities between JPUSA and the COG are appalling.
Similar roots....rotten, hellish fruit.
But lets get back to the topic of spankings:
IMB(bombastic)O a good WHIPPING is what you, Pement, Mortimer, Kaiser and the leadertwits at JPUSA need.

Mark Scheiderer, gadfly
m 2
Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2007 02:11 pm
Jesus, can you two keep your squabbles to their own thread?
Reply Wed 17 Oct, 2007 07:52 pm
m wrote:
Jesus, can you two keep your squabbles to their own thread?

I understand your annoyance! Rolling Eyes I'll try to ignore this fella from now on. If he continues answering whatever I post, declaiming me as pure evil or whatever, please understand I of course have no control over his chasing my name round here or the web. Imagine my annoyance at times! :wink: Good training in patience, I guess.



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