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Reply Wed 24 Jun, 2015 02:11 pm
My wife and I had married a few years ago. She came out by 2006 from the COG. My wife had opened up to me about her experiences which her a little different than others.

When she was 14 she was sent to a home in Mexico, Monterrey. It was there were her life had changed forever. There in Mexico was a man who was connected to the world services and had a lot of power, although he wasn't part of the children of god.

My wife said he'd be there in the parties in the Philippines and Libya. This man went through a lot of different names as the real names weren't mentioned or something only biblical names.

This man had a thing for my wife, and tried to control her. My wife was a corgi when he had her artificially inseminated. The twins born were sold for a lot of money.

Now I don't know if this was a criminal organization or what. I don't know if they are gangsters or white collar criminals.

Maybe it's a sex ring, a large criminal network of sex rings. Because whenever they approach my wife they force her to do "favors".

35 years later they are still after my wife....

If anyone can help me on this forum, I'd greatly appreciate it. They've threatened me with my life, I don't care about that. I care about my wife. I love her to death.

Any one know or heard of criminal organizations connected to the family? Provide details and I'll answer your questions.

I need a name any details will be helpful the FBI is also helping me.
Reply Fri 3 Jul, 2015 07:41 pm
Hello, David! I know how frustrating this might be for you. Not to mention, scary. To be threatened with your life by a man who's name you don't know. It's a scary thing, not to mention you feel your wife's life might be in danger, and let me tell you.

It is.

I've seen these people, yes, there are more of them, among the streets of my location. They corner girls and then take them into their car, and drive off. Ever since I witnessed this, I'm quite afraid to walk around at night without an adult. I am quite young, although, quite smart and knowledgeful.

However, the only information I had is that one of them had a very long beard, and glasses.

I'm afraid I will not give out my name because my fear this could be a trick. If needed, I can give you the location I witnessed this. I do not need any credit, don't thank me.

People like this need to be stopped.
Reply Thu 17 Jan, 2019 01:19 pm

Hello my name in the group was faith I was in 1988 in Monterrey Mexico, I can help you with information if you help me.

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