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Reply Sun 18 May, 2014 12:11 am
I am so happy to have come upon the website and this forum.

However, is there a forum that is more active?

Also, after all that has happened, and all the light that's been shed on all these things, has anyone ever asked themselves why there isn't much more of a public outcry about the COG and their injustices? Why can't the remainder of the geriatric child molesters be sued, apprehended, and/or divested of any assets? Why are they allowed to go on with business as usual, when all this testimony and evidence is out against them?

What can we do?

I am on a path of personal healing, so maybe I am on a rampage, but I feel a lot of solidarity for my brothers and sisters in this. I want to do something. Maybe the best I can do for now is to heal myself and get better.
Reply Wed 8 Oct, 2014 07:15 pm
Yes some of the posts are from a long time ago.
My name is Adela, Starlight when I was in the family.
Reply Thu 5 Mar, 2015 08:37 am
There is no public outcry because we were all of legal age and made a voluntary decision to join the COG. People are willing to believe and drink the purple cool aid. David Berg was delusional but it is difficult to break out of the group unless you have a stronger connection to your real family. That's how I was able to leave, it took a spit of spy work.

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