don`t throw the baby out with the bath water

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Reply Wed 22 Aug, 2012 07:11 pm
I`m concerned that because of the way our children were brought up many of them discard God entirely from their lives. I think that`s easier to do as it`s so hard to sift through every belief and think "Is this true or not?" "How do I find the truth?" I think it`s worth the effort though to see if in your core values God is still there and test everything. When the going gets tough, hatred and bitterness are destructive allies. If you can maintain faith in Jesus it will help so much. I don`t know why He allowed things to happen as they did. So much is about individual choices. You are suffering from your parents` choices. But don`t make the mistake of rejecting every single thing they told you. God has promised He will restore the years stolen. Joel 2:25. I`m so sorry for what we put you through. It is really hard to bear. I hope you can find hope in this promise.
SGA and not proud
Reply Wed 12 Mar, 2014 06:53 pm
there is no baby in the bath water.
we have no identity, no anchor, no wind to guide our ships. no self confidence, we can´t settle down, can´t hold a relationship and i don´t what suppressed demons we pass onto our children. no bible quote will comfort.
i love my parents and don´t judge them but don´t go trying to apologise with the family lingo. not cool.
Reply Sun 18 May, 2014 10:01 pm
Choosing to no longer swallow the religion pill at all is also a completely valid choice for us ex-members.
Reply Fri 30 May, 2014 01:50 pm
I am concerned because you clearly have not spent the energy to examine every one of your beliefs and are comfortable believing "by faith". Which is another way of saying "because I would find it convenient if it were true", a bunch of writings from ancient desert tribes which defy logic and science and furthermore uphold for worship an evil monstrous God of the tribes imagination which promoted genocide slavery and intense misogyny.
Reply Mon 16 Jun, 2014 11:10 am
Yo there Family X'ers, now we have all become one haven't we? Looks like the Family may be done for . . . or is it? Why isn't there more jubilation of all the haters on this site? I'm surprised, as it seems the Family has practically dissappeared with barely a whimper. I question these topics a lot and have decided to carry on in my faith, still searching and still keeping an eye out for whatever God is doing today. Perhaps many people decided to forsake their mantles, even in high places of leadership. perhaps I am here to collect those. if anyone wants to forsake their birthrights, please contact me at my youtube channel:
where I report on these kinds of things, or my blog:

I'm just as mad as most of you guys probobly are at the Family, but perhaps for the opposite reason. See, I actually BELIEVE in most of the stuff in the MO Letters, and I'm FURIOUS that people just all went and abandoned their post as the World heads into total financial ruin and "Great Confusion" . . . but perhaps this is all being orchestrated according to some greater purpose?
Reply Tue 17 Jun, 2014 01:58 pm
Seerfax, here's a book you might find helpful: Mistakes Were Made (but not by me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts, by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson.
Reply Sun 29 Jun, 2014 12:04 am
Drink another glass of that cool aid you're has poison in it.
Reply Sat 26 Jul, 2014 04:29 am
what do ant-family people do with their time now that the family practically has ceased to exist? I thought they'd be in major exultation by now

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