"Family Bookstore" in Duluth Minnesota, circa 1970's, 80's

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Reply Sat 16 Jun, 2012 02:44 pm
Hi Everyone,

I am researching my father, who died under somewhat mysterious circumstances in 1988. He was a very active pedophile, molesting my younger sister and I from birth onward. I demanded he stop when I was 11. My mother found out and he prayed at church about it. He said we were never to speak of it again. But it did not stop with my younger sister.

We took yearly summer vacations to Duluth MN. For a few years, on one of the main streets, near a Bridgeman's, I believe....there was a strange bookstore called the "Family Bookstore". And it had this HUGE painted mural on the side of the building with this Really Strange looking family that said "The Family Bookstore REALLY IS a FAMILY Bookstore" (emphasis from my memory)

When my parents took me in there I remember seeing comic books with drawings like the ones on this site, as well as magazines with children having sex with each other and adults. I was Fascinated...and asked my mom about it.....she looked at what I was showing her and got us out of there. I noticed my dad was engaged at the time in a conversation with one of the clerks....a bearded man I think...dark hair. I also noticed my dad went back there on his own....my sister and I asked to go with, but my mom would not let us and got into a fight with my dad about why he needed to go back there.

Does anyone know any information about this place....I thought it might be on the list of businesses owned by the Family...but it was not.

I am very interested, especially to find a particular dialog that my father used on me.....and I found repeated in a movie called "Henry, Portrait of a serial Killer".....the female lead in the movie is recalling her father molesting her and she says it went as follows:

Father: " Let me see how much you have grown"

daughter: "No"

Father:" It's my Right as your Father..."

I am wondering if that dialog (or coercion technique) is from a particular piece of propaganda or pornography.

Any information that would help my search would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and *Bright Blessings*



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