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Reply Fri 16 Mar, 2012 05:04 pm
I'm living w/ one of John Berg's ex-wives, I just found out.

This guy goes by the name John Lee, no middle name. They married in 2000 as part of The Family in China and divorced in early-2007. I started dating her in mid-2007.

Now, I am basically the step-dad to the youngest four of his children. I've heard that he has an additional 17+ children across the world, all mostly adults by now. My step-kids range from 5-10.

His ex-wife was part of the cult from the age of 16 through, I'd guess, 25. She's not very open about it and she can't remember (or claims not to) vast portions of her time there, including the birthing events of her children (which I would think most moms would). When I first met her, she didn't know their birthdays or years, which I found very bizarre, as well. Is it possible she was drugged / brainwashed during this time?

They supposedly left the organization when the oldest child was about a year old. She kept all this a secret from me until she said that "her church used to communicate with dead people", which I have always thought was akin to witchcraft and very verboten. Is that true?

Do any of the survivors of this place have problems with malevolent spirits following them around and tormenting them? Provoking them to angry outbursts?

If she's been out of the organization for close to 10 years now, does she still need some sort of counselling? I would think so but she gets very angry when I suggest this.

What about the children???? The dad has full custody of them. I worry alot.

Also, I can imagine that finding out that your dad was the son of a cult leader and he was part of it hte vast majority of his life (from birth to ~53 yrs old) and that your mom was, too... I think that would be very traumatic to learn on your own from a random google query. The elder kids already google like mad and they see his Hosea David Berg name on mail.

This is like a huge dirty secret. I have to delete this letter after 2 days or something, because my girlfriend would be incredibly angry at me for talking about all this. She got super super super enraged that I told her mom (I thought she deserved to know, you know??) and I dont know how bad it'll get if she finds this.
renee 2
Reply Sat 17 Mar, 2012 11:55 pm
Hey. Yeah, i know her...was a teenager when she joined TFI and actually joined in the same home i was in...and was there when they met, was sent by my mom to 'chaperone' them when he was courting her and stuff...
I remember she was a very emotional sincere person and was always being squashed in things she wanted to do or try. And yes, he was much, much older than she was. She joined i think around 18 or so and was a lot of fun to be around. i didn't know her after they got married but heard she finished college or such?
I'd think pretty much everyone who was part of TFI, especially from early ages, needs or needed therapy or counseling of some sort or another. Basically it loads you down with a whole lotta baggage and definitely has a way of messing up family relations.
Unless you see something actually going wrong with the kids i wouldn't worry too much, the policies are different nowdays. And he's not even in TFI anymore, almost no-one is. Doesn't mean the hangover couldn't be there but there's not as much structure anymore.
I really hope she's doing alright...she would have known me as Perla.
renee 2
Reply Sat 17 Mar, 2012 11:57 pm
And TFI did have lots of doctrines that easily qualify as occult and it can definitely affect you in all sorts of ways. The thing is the occult stuff was all wrapped up in Christian terminology so TFI member would do stuff very occultish and think it was a super spiritual Christian practice.
There's a good research site that I read through and helped me a lot... http://makestraightpaths.com
Reply Wed 22 Aug, 2012 06:31 pm
I`ve never heard of anyone in the Family not remembering their kids births and birthdays. That`s very unusual. I`ve had 11 children, mostly born in the Family and remember the births in great detail and have never had a problem reciting all their birth dates. Maybe it`s a symptom of some trauma? Counselling would be very helpful but you can`t force anyone to it. You could go to counselling to understand how to help her.


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