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Reply Thu 3 Nov, 2011 05:02 am
As some may recall, in August 2008, we turned on Flagged Revisions and allowed anyone to create an account on the wiki and edit with a confirmed email address. New account creation was temporarily turned off on in March 2011 due to the abuse of our system by spammers. I'm pleased to report that I've finally gotten around to updating our Mediawiki installation and account creation is once again possible and editing can be done by anyone with a confirmed email address. Furthermore, accounts can now be created and authenticated using any OpenID provider (this includes Google, Yahoo! and many others) as well as through Facebook. To edit, you will still need to confirm your email address. There is a glitch with the Facebook extension in that the email address is not automatically collected so you will need to add it to your account. The Facebook extension also requests excessive permissions and while I plan to fix this eventually, please note that, despite what it says, we will only use the information to authenticate your login and will not post to your wall or anywhere else (the extension has this functionality disabled in any case).
Reply Sat 6 Jul, 2013 03:22 am
@Peter Frouman,
I was browsing online for an audio Bible and came across Radio Active's site. Seems like old "Simon Peter" (aka Christopher Carruthers, aka Christopher Jones) is now using the name Christopher Glyn:

Yet on the Radio Active website He is called Simon Peterson:
Reply Wed 8 Oct, 2014 06:42 pm
Yes well they will never change their true colours.
Why do they have to hide their names and go by different identities.
Something always smells fishy.

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