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  • Posts: 20,050
  • Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Occupation: email me at my screen name at gmail (dot) com
relationship status: divorced
birthday: February 28
children: none
ethnicity: humanity
religion: humanity
political view: centrist
humor: quirky
sexual orientation: north
fashion: If it covers what needs to be covered, it works for me.
smoking: Free at last, Philip Morris Oh Mighty, I'm free at last!
drinking: mostly water
current hometown: Albuquerque, NM (moved here after a lifetime in California )
passions: people, gardens, animals, nature, natural sciences, music, internet, photography, graphic arts, cooking, journalism, word games, reading
sports: I try not to be a bad sport.
books: My library card gets a lot of action.
music: Almost anything. Depends on my mood. There isn't much I don't like. Jazz is a mainstay.
tv shows: Don't watch much television these days. If I do, it's usually something on PBS.
movies: Anything that makes me laugh, cry or think. I see enough scary stuff on the evening news.
cuisines: About the only thing I don't like is spicy hot food. Give me some great tasting veggies, a little meat and some seasonings of varying types and I'm there.

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