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Reply Mon 3 Jul, 2006 11:01 am
student nurses in uk
Hi, I am a student nurse in the uk and I really hope somebody can assure me thats the way they felt when they were training. I have completed 2 years of training now, but feel sick to the back teeth of 'feeling inferior and treated like s***'. I am sick of lazy mentors who cant be bothered and give you "bedpan" jobs repetitively and look at you like you've got s*** on your face if you ask them an educated question. Is it just me or did or does anyone else feel the same, my skin is thick but not thick enough to last years feeling somewhat feeling dejected and demoralised working with a team of petty and bitchy nurses.???? Sad
Reply Mon 3 Jul, 2006 02:32 pm
Hi Laurag77, the sad truth is - its like that in many professions.
as man i know the trials and tribulations i'l be facing in nursing...
i realise that if i want a decent enough wage i'l have to do jobs which were't my first choice. sadly there a fewer doors open 2 me in the present climate. speaking as young muslim eng' gradute whos been turned down for so many eng jobs that ive just given up. no point trying to fit in, some people are just plain ignorant, and they know it!
my advice is:stick at it, stand tall, get ur qaulification and move on to bigger better things...
Reply Tue 4 Jul, 2006 11:17 am
Thanks adazman, words of inspiration!
Reply Fri 21 Jul, 2006 05:43 pm
Hi Laura,
I know exactly how u feel hun. There have been times in my training that have been so bad that ive refused to go in and actually quit. But ive stuck at it, and now am in my third year. At first i know i wasnt assertive enough and was actually been walked all over. But as my training progessed ive realised that u get walked over if u let them. I now have confidence to speak my mind, be it the ward bitch or the sister, and i gain respect back. I dont care if people think am cocky or anything else, am there to do a job, not let other people make my life miserable. Laura, if u feel like shit then speak up and tell them that ur not happy, u will be amazed at how some people will be there to support u. dont suffer in silence, talk to ur colleagues and fellow students. But main thing is STICK AT IT. u have come this far so dont let it go to waste, tomorrow is another day.
Reply Thu 21 Sep, 2006 11:00 am
crap mentors
hi there i have just qualified and had a crap mentor in my first year. Thankfully i have a big mouth and moaned to a manager without thinking and said i was not happy and that i had cried at home for 5 days as i was unhappy, the following monday morning i had a new mentor and she was fab.. I have learnt a valuable lesson, if you feel that your mentor is crap and not helping with your education moan loads and tell them that you are not learning and stick by your learning contract and constantly review it. this is your training not theirs, if you do not pipe up nothing will get done and you will kicj yrself later as the final year will fly past. Good luck X
Reply Mon 25 Sep, 2006 02:00 pm
I have just joined this site and have seen your post. I have just started my training, week 8 and already feel overwhelmed by all the info I have to learn. I go on my first placement in 8weeks and hope that I dont feel the same as you, but I have heard some 2nd year students saying the same.

Can you give me any advice to essay writing, I am 31 and havn't done this sort of thing since leaving college years ago?

Hope your mentor is better.
Reply Thu 28 Sep, 2006 07:46 am
essay writing
hi chelski, with essay writing give yourself plenty of time and always do an essay plan as this will guide you and you will not get overwhelmed with information, it is very easy to go over the top. read the titles or the booklets the tutors give you...
nic nurse
Reply Tue 2 Sep, 2008 11:34 pm
Hi Lauren i realise this is several months later. I hope you have sorted out ur problems about unsupportive staff. I have had similar experiences. I have finished my grad year and am now working in an area that is known for its unsupportive staff, and lack of proffessionalism. Staff talk about each other behind there backs or say nasty things about patients and new staff. No amount of effort I have put in is ever good enough. I have been put in situations beyond my scope of practice, where patient safety is compromised. The union is involved, nurses are to scared to speak up and nurses are leaving the unit. I hope every area is not like this andyou have found an area where there is support for you.

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