Help: Deciding if nursing is for me

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Reply Fri 26 May, 2006 06:22 pm
Help: Deciding if nursing is for me

I have been accepted into a direct entry MSN program, but am getting
cold feet. Most things about nursing excite me, but there is one
issue that I am really struggling with. I am currently a software engineer,
and my nurse friends and I have the same question: Would a task
oriented job like nursing give me the intellectual stimulation I want
from my job? I have no doubt that nurses are plenty smart, so please
don't take this as a condecending statement. It is more a question of
how you use your brain.

The problem I am faced with is I don't know what it will be like to be
a nurse, without quitting my job, moving, and going to school. I want
to be as sure as I can be that this is the right path for me before I
pull up roots.

So, my question to all of you is

Does nursing provide you with problem solving type intellectual
stimulation? If so, how? Tell me what area of nursing you work in,
and the types of things you have to think about, and any other words
of wisdom you might care to share.

Thanks so much for your help!

SharpknifeRN 1
Reply Sun 28 May, 2006 11:04 am
There is and there is not. Here is a test question. You have a pt who's blood presure is 112/58. Heart rate is 54. You have orders to give digitalis, several blood presure pills and lasix 40 IV. Lung sounds are decreased with coarse sonds right mid lobe. The pt is 96 years old, with a history of CHF, COPD,HTN, swallowing issues and is currently hospitalized with a UTI, dehydration and gangreenous right foot. You have had her as a pt for 2 days. She is alert and oridented, pleasent. These vital signs are tipical of her time here with you. What do you give her and what do you hold in these morning medications based on what I have told you? What teaching do you have for her? Would you call a Dr. with this set of vitals? If this is the type of stimulation you are looking for, then yes. There are problems to be solved. Some times it is a good deal more indepth, sometimes not. It is more a peopleware thing than a hardware. I recommend trying to be a nurses aid for a while. See if you like the transition from machines to people first. Good luck.
Reply Mon 12 Jun, 2006 10:28 pm
Yes, your brain is constantly stimulated. Sometimes too much. I am working in critical care for over 15 years, currently in a Cardio-vascular ICU. These types of pt's are post Open Heart Surgery Pt.'s There is a lot of hemodynamic monitoring to optimize their BP; minimize their bleeding; adjusting the different types of iv drips to decrease the workload of the heart by using a Swan Ganz catheter which sits in the pt. hearty and you monitor their cardiac output which tells you how well the pt's heart is pumping,etc.... I've also done Emergency Department; which is very fast paced and stimulating. You get quite of a variety of patients. You need to know what every med you give can do or if it can cause detrimental effects. Besides dealing with these task oriented jobs, you need to incorporate family dynamics in to your care. The psychosocial aspects come into play with every patient you deal with as well as their family and some can be very disfunctional and challenging to deal with. Probably the hardest part of the job for me is dealing with difficult personalities whether it be co workers or pt. or families. There are many different types of nursing investigate. I
have also done a pharmaceutical job which was very boring. I do like feeling fulfilled by doing my job.

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