Wishing to apply for adult nursing - advice please

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Reply Fri 19 May, 2006 03:12 am
Wishing to apply for adult nursing - advice please
I applied for midwifery and got an interview, but unfortunately was rejected, due to competition. Crying or Very sad
Because I am a graduate and studied at the university I applied to, I applied via an internal application. I have decided to apply for the adult nursing and am allowed to use my current application, but need to submit another personal statement. Laughing
My interests lie in emergency medicine and ITU. Can anyone advise me about useful things to put in personal statement and if invited to interview - useful information for this. Confused
I am 39 and so do not want to have to reapply next year.

Ali x
Reply Fri 19 May, 2006 08:17 am
hi, you must have done something right to get an interview. i to am a mature student. i know what its like. PS - this is the only chance to sell yourself. so take your time and be genuine. its still possible to go through clearing, but its going to be though. some uni's dont like this method as they enough applicants. phone around you never know...good luck.

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 6:20 am


Below are my reasons why I chose nursing as career. This information was requested by am admissions to strengthened my application (ps) for university. I hope it works. Please dont copy it. Use your own words/reason, be yourself and you'll be fine!

Why Nursing?

From experience Ive learnt that you cannot change what goes on in a person's life, but you can make a difference in his or her despair and need. That is something you definitely have control over, and it is this that has made me chose nursing as a career.

You can make a difference in the world as a nurse. Bonds forms when you help people who cannot help themselves. Bonds of spoken and unspoken gratitude. The knowledge that you just touched a life. Nursing is so much deeper than just helping, it's about caring and doing the right thing, which makes all the difference for me!

Nursing is challenging and rewarding. Not knowing what is going to happen from one day to the next or who you will meet, or what situation you may face. At the same time, you�ll know you�ll have job security and endless possibilities, along with something more than a pay packet at the end of the day - some real job satisfaction!

As a mature student, I offer emotional intelligence and the ability to listen, respond and empathise with patients. As male, fluent in three languages I offer more variety, more diversity for patients.

I�ve always had a deep desire to help people in need, people whose life�s have been turned upside down by war, conflict or natural disasters. With nursing and through voluntary organisations/aid agencies, it is the best way for me to full-fill that desire.

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