Have you ever disagreed with a doctor's descision?

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Honey 1
Reply Mon 28 Feb, 2005 11:12 am
Have you ever disagreed with a doctor's descision?
I would like some advice on how you dealt with a doctor's decision that you didn't agree with, thanks!
Reply Mon 28 Feb, 2005 04:44 pm
Dealing with Mds
You have a license to protect.If you feel uncomfortable with a procedure or medication...Don't Give or do it. Let them...if they get angry ....soooo be it...Its your job .
abby 1
Reply Tue 1 Mar, 2005 05:47 am
I totally Agree ,I've been a nurse for 6years going on 7 now.If you don't feel something is right ,check it out & if u r not comfortable in doing it then don't.it's ur license !!
Reply Tue 1 Mar, 2005 03:12 pm
I had a doc order me to restrain a patient when all I was calling him for was some Ativan (or something) to calm the patient. This was when I
was working in Psych on the noc shift and I told him I did not feel that
restraints were necessary and he stated, "I don't care what you think;
do it anyway!" Needless to say, I called the patient's DPOA and then
his Internist and got him some Ativan (which worked). I then
called the Psychiatrist back and told him what I had done, which infuriated
him. Not only did I make him look incompetent to the Internist and
DPOA, but when I called him in the future, he immediately would agree
and okay what I was asking for. Sometimes when you stand up to them,
they back down!

Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2005 09:37 am
We just had in incident this weekend that drove me crazy. A patient that came back from surgery, and was dropping her pressures and becoming tachy. Her color was awful (have never seen anyone that color that wasn't dead). The doc was called THREE times, ordered two boluses and that was it....the third call, he ordered nothing. We called a code on her about three hours in to this (she became unresponsive, and her pressure was 49/32). It took THAT to get her moved to the ICU, but when we first called the code the hospitalist said, "give her narcan"...excuse me, NARCAN??? That was never the problem. And she is only in her thirties. She is doing much better now, I guess, but did need 3 units of blood.
Reply Mon 10 Oct, 2005 09:14 am
Have you ever disagreed with a doctors decision?
Yes more than once Rolling Eyes unfortunatly.

Once I had a patient that had allergies to PCN. The Dr had ordered Ticar IV. I called the Dr and simply asked him "Dr did you know this patient is alergic to PCN?" He became angery and ordered me to give it as he had ordered it. I told him "Since your office is across the street why don't you come over here and give this med? Because I can't in my right mind do any harm to this patient."
Well now he says "Let's change that order to..."
Problem solved.

Another time when my patient was running a high Temp. I had followed protocal and used my nursing skilles to bring this Temp. down. Nothing had worked and even though it was in the middle of the night I felt the need to call the Dr.
I called for orders and the Dr. told me to do nothing. I simply asked him if that was an order and should I write it in the chart. He gave me orders.

And just the othe night my 80 year old crani patient was having seizures, and vomiting, her B/P was droping, she was unresponsive to painful stumili, pupils were pinpoint. The Dr was not wanting to give orders to move the patient to ICU. I had 7 other patients that needed my care and I had not seen them even once and we were 2 hours into this shift. My co-workers were providing care for them. My charge nurse had talked to the Dr. and house suppervisorwithout results. I had called the atending Dr. 2 times and he took forever to call back.
So I called the Care Assistant Team (CAT) which has just began working our hospital just for situations like this. CAT consist of 1 ICU nurse, 1 Resp. Therapist, 1 ED Nurse, 1 Orderly, and 1 ED Dr. Now in retrospect I think I should have called CAT sooner.
The end result was that when the ICU nurse from CAT arived on the scene she called a code, called the Dr in question. And when the ED Dr got there to supervise the code he sent the patient to ICU, and called the attending Dr and told him to come down to see the patient. The Dr refussed to come, and the ED Dr said he would take the matter in his hands then told me not to worry.
By this time the house supervisor was on the scene also. She took the patients daughter out of the room and into the lounge to talk with her and to calm her. Thank goodness because the daughter was beggining to freak by this time.
The patient was in ICU for 3 days and died. I know I did my best for this patient. And the ED Dr has filed to have the Dr in question removed from our hospital and to not be allowed to have priveglies there any longer.
I loved how this CAT team worked and got what the patient needed.
I hate to make any Dr. think I am a witch. However I have the life of someone who is trusting in me to make sure they have the best of care, and that is my goal.
So yes I have had to fight with the Dr and I will do it every time they do not do their job. If they don't want to be bothered them don't be a Dr.
Spiffy McJesus
Reply Tue 11 Oct, 2005 01:58 am
"Have you ever disagreed with a doctor's descision?"

You mean like, today?
Reply Tue 11 Oct, 2005 04:31 am
i guess we all did at one point of our career, it's not bad to ask when we're not comfortable with the orders that they give.but we should always be tactful when sayin' so.

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