Excelsior College....any thoughts...horror/success stories??

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Reply Mon 30 Jan, 2006 04:23 pm
Excelsior College....any thoughts...horror/success stories??

About to enroll at Excelsior.....anyone out there have any advice??? Or completed the program. Am 10 year LPN, have worked all areas of hospitals....feel confident in my experience....feel motivated to do this on my own.....BUT....worried about "Hidden Problems" that EC does not talk about.....feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated....
Thank YOU!!
Reply Wed 3 May, 2006 09:03 am
Continuing your education
Very Happy Glad to hear that you want to further your education! Congradulations! Remember, that doing an online degree leaves you ultimately responsible because you won't be sitting in a classroom environment. I myself am enrolled at Indiana State University. I have not been active for about 1/2 yr but at least there is an actual building for me to drive to in order to ask real live people questions about whatever in my studies. I know that some nurses have complained that when they don't understand something that there is no one available to help them. I know the site claims that there is assistance whenever you want, but in reality your on your own and it is quit expensive.

I hope it works out good for you and I hope you get the education your looking for although Excelsior has a wonderful reputation. Good Luck and Congrats again!!!!!!!
Reply Mon 23 Oct, 2006 06:31 pm
Hello, I'm currently a LVN that is about to enroll in the Excelsior College RN program. I saw that you were going to enroll. If you did how is it going. I'm really interested . Thank you Susan
Reply Sat 28 Oct, 2006 05:48 am
Excelsior College
Hi, saw you post about Excelsior...Several girls I work with are going through Excelsior, and I had considered it. Like any program, there are pros and cons. Be prepared to pay around $3500 or so for the course materials. They do offer financing for this, but it is through a bank or credit card co., not Title IV. You also need to pay when you take the test for each module (I believe there are 7 for the nursing courses). The fee for this is around $210-$280, and you will take the tests someplace like a Sylvan Learning Center. At the end of the program is your clinical weekend where you will be in a hospital caring for various types of patients and demonstrating your clinical skills, usually Fri., Sat., and Sun. One of my LPN instructors does clinical for Excelsior in Columbus, OH, she said it's not difficult but that you do need to be working at a job where you have lots of hands-on care prior to clinical. This weekend is around $1600. They also offer a clinical prep course to prepare you for this. If you fail any part of the program, you can retake it, but you will need to pay the fees again. The girls that I know who are doing this program really like it because they have the freedom to do the work on their own time.

I chose to return through a college-based on-line program. I am going through Rio Grande Community College in Ohio. I don't know where you live, but you may want to check other school in your state to see what they offer, as many schools are jumping on the online ed bandwagon. If you are in Ohio, Kentucky, or West Virginia, check out Rio grande. The advantage to this type of program is that it is Title IV so you can use financial aid, grants, student loans, etc. (the reason I chose this program over Excelsior: I didn't have the extra money to pay as I went). The coursework is still on your own time, but we meet for clinicals 12 hours every other week during the semester and we use Web CT for our lectures (in PowerPoint format on the website) and discussion of the topics we are studying. There is a little more structure in that you need to complete the work for your units by semester's end, so if you want freedom but need a deadline, this is way to go. Disadvantage is that it takes 7 semesters to complete. My cost (in-state tuition but not in preferred county of residence) is right around $5500 inclusing books and uniforms, which I use a Stafford loan for.

Online programs are gaining popularity, so check the colleges in your state and see what they offer. Otherwise, if you can handle the cost as you go, Excelsior seems to be a good choice. Hope this helps and good luck!
Reply Thu 23 Aug, 2007 08:44 am
Online school
I am enrolled at Drexel University online. The school is in Philadelphia, but I can take the classes online without having to commute. The thing I like is that it comes from a "real" school. So nobody needs to know that I didn't actually get an on campus degree. I'm almost finished my Master's and have had a good experience there. If it's not too late, you might want to check out their website.

Good luck, I'm sure whatever program you choose, you will be fantastic Smile
Reply Fri 14 Sep, 2007 07:00 pm
Excelsior college
I have finished all my courses at Excelsior College and am preparing for clinicals at this time. I have heard that the pass rate of these clinicals is approximately 63%. If you do not have extensive critical care hospital experience the clinicals are much harder. Everything is timed and watched extremely close, and you cannot skip, miss, or do anything wrong. I bought my books through Rue, which was a BIG RIPOFF. DO NOT go through RUE. Excelsior has been easy to deal with and helpful. If I were you, I would go through an existing college or university near your home, many of which have online courses and self-study programs. If you must use Excelsior be prepared to pay approximately $10,000 for the whole program including books, etc. It is an easy program if you have hospital experience. If you do not then it will be harder. Good luck in whatever you choose. I am almost finished, just hope I pass clinicals.

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