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Reply Tue 7 Jun, 2005 03:42 pm
over michael jackson....
I can't wait for a verdict on the Michael Jackson case. I think he is guilty but bet you he gets acquitted. Hopefully all parents will have learned thier lesson either way and keep thier kids away from him!
Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2005 06:51 pm
He is guilty. The problem the jury is having is with a 98 page list of rules as to the charges and how they are to handle the evidence. What makes this case so complicated is that MJ would target single mothers who have kids the age he wanted. Some of the single mothers were attracted to the attention and money from MJ.
Reply Tue 14 Jun, 2005 10:38 am
Innocent or at least not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
Wildflower63 1
Reply Tue 5 Jul, 2005 05:12 am
Rape cases are so hard to prove unless you go to police immediately with a sample. You know what I mean. I posted my thoughts about Jackson somewhere else on this site.

I think the guy is nuts living in his own isolated world where no one says no to him. He is way too rich and famous. I think any parent allowing their child to stay with Jackson should have their head examined too. It isn't because I think Jackson is a child perv. I think he is delusional and probably a degree of psychosis.

Think about it. He was a child star at a young age. He was famous at an extremely young age with the Jackson 5. I don't mean to insult anyone's religious beliefs, but Jehovah's Witnesses(sp?) are kinda out there. I'm sure every nurse knows that if they happen to go to a hospital for medical care, they choose to die before getting a blood transfusion. I was taught in nursing school special consideration for giving them care. I'm sure all of us had the same cultural training I did.

Parents of children, of this religion, have been brought to Capitol Murder, denying their children health care, turning to the church for healing and prayer. It isn't like anyone that is brought up with this religion will look outside for help. They look towards the church. It's only on desperation you will actually find a Jehovah Witness(again, sp?) in one of your hospital beds, very reluctant and afraid of hospitalization.

I think we have all read about Papa Jo and abuse. He had choke chains around his kids necks, not literally, but this is considered abusive by today's standard, in a day where you almost had to kill a kid to be thought of as abusive. Times have changed and Jackson is about 48 years old.

I'm sure that anyone around the age of 40 can tell you how they were disciplined, as a child, which is illegal today. I do not consider my parents abusive. You should see the welts over my dad's belt over any form of disrespect or not following family rules. At the time, I resented the hell out of them, my dad especially. They did what they thought was best. They loved me enough to try, but all parents make mistakes.

Smacking down you smart mouth kid is a whole lot different than making them live in a cage, being dictated to perform. The Jackson's were never allowed a childhood. Michael sure created one for himself with an amusement park and zoo. What part of that makes sense for a man his age? It doesn't to people that were never famous child stars isolated, with abuse. It might make sense to a man who never had a childhood, but a ton of money.

I don't think Jackson ever went out of his way to attract children. He wouldn't have to. This is an extremely talented artist that can perform as well. This is a very confused man. What we consider normal did not exist for Jackson, ever. He called male child stars, which he could identify with. I believe he honestly wished to help them by sharing his experience and give them a childhood they were missing out on, as he did. Jackson doesn't seem like he could kill a fly in his house without flipping out.

Is something weird going on at Neverland Ranch. Yes, a very sensitive artist who is delusional and very confused, living in isolation. Can you imagine if he stopped at the local store to buy a few things? Fans would literally rip the hair out of his head and sell it on e-bay. Jackson had to live isolated in a neurotic child world, which he created for himself.

I don't believe Jackson could kill a fly on the wall, much less molest a child. He created an amusement park and zoo to enjoy himself, but was denied a childhood, which we all had. He was traveling and putting on a show, very young, with a dad that never let his kids out of his watchful eye. There is nothing normal about this lifestyle. The product of it is not going to be normal or like the rest of us either.

Don't all hospitals pay off over a lawsuit, when it is groundless, just so it wont hit the news making their facility look bad. As nurses, we know how many people really do sue over nothing but poor outcome, not patient neglect. It's the same thing with Jackson. The law changed. They had to take it to Criminal Court, not Civil Court to get a jackpot sum of money.

I believe this is extortion and even black mail that will ruin a man's career and that is why parents would allow their children to stay with Jackson. These parents knew the kids were safe, but his lifestyle is something that gets no sympathy from anyone.

I don't think this is over for Jackson. OJ was not guilty, but lost bit time with Nicole's family, in Civil Court, despite a not guilty verdict. I hoped Jackson would get off. I don't think the jury thought that he was a child molester either or they would have nailed him on lesser charges. He walked, with a huge list of charges against him.

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