So what do you think about netflix?

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Reply Thu 3 Mar, 2005 10:31 am
So what do you think about netflix?
So I just started using netflix, the latest craze in video rentals. I decide to share it with a couple of good friends. It has been nice to not have to go to the video store, but I'm not sure I watch enough movies to make it worth while. Also I pass the movie on to my friends to watch if we didn't watch it together which then makes the whole transition longer.

Has anyone tried blockbusters new package. The only thing that sounded better was that you got like two free rentals in the video store so that on those spure of the moment video desires you can get one.

Crazyness I tell you, maybe I should just rent them straight from the cable channel, but that's probably exspensive.
Reply Fri 4 Mar, 2005 05:30 am
My husband joined up for netflix about 3 months ago and we recieve movies at a rate of about 3 per week. That is plenty for me (I don't have time to watch much tv. ) If you figure out the cost of renting them individually it is alot cheaper using netflix. If you want more movies join netflixs and blockbuster. You will still save on rentals. both of them together would be 6 movies a week at just under forty dollars a month
six movies would equal about eighteen to twenty four dollars just in one week if you rented individually
km 1
Reply Mon 7 Mar, 2005 05:12 pm
I think constantly having a vidoe around would be to enticing. I try to not watch a lot of t.v. But I'm sure it's a good deal
Ginger Snap
Reply Wed 23 Mar, 2005 08:59 pm
I use netflix and love it.

BTW, you can change your options and get 8 movies at a time instead of 3. That's a lot, but when you want to catch an entire series (like Friends, Sex and The City, or The Sopranos), it's the only way to go. And since I don't suscribe to cable TV, that's the only way I will see these shows.

I also have tried Blockbuste Online, and it's AWFUL. The movies I want to see are usually on a LONG or SHORT waiting list, (Same movies are ALWAYS available on netflix) and the service is much faster with Netflix. I usually have about a 2 day turnaround with Netflix, and 3-4 day turnaround with Blockbuster.

So my advice is to Stick With Netflix until Blockbuster gets its act together.
Reply Thu 24 Mar, 2005 09:33 am
Do you know if you can change your preferences to lets say 8 movies at once while your watching a series and then change it back to 3 movies at once?
Wildflower63 1
Reply Mon 4 Jul, 2005 05:28 pm
I did have Netflix. The postal service is way too slow, which isn't their fault. I liked it and the site, which gave you info about movies you haven't even heard of.

I ended up subscribing to HBO and Showtime. I rented a few of their series DVDs that were high recommends by friends with cable channels. I loved it! I gave up on Netflix since there are tons of movies, even on demand, with cable subscription service and no waiting around.

I think HBO and Showtime are both worth the cash. Digital cable with On Demand is a must or don't bother. I never order pay movies with this vast selection. I gave up on Netflix, even though I do like the idea of it. It is way too slow.

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