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Kayla 1
Reply Mon 7 Feb, 2005 05:38 pm
Ladies Night Out..
Exercise that brain with something other than medical knowledge..

Sarah, Kelley, Jennifer, Erin, and Jan are all going out to party on Friday night. Each girl was picked up by the taxi service at a different house wearing different colored outfits (red dress, pink skirt, silver halter, black leather pants, and a white dress). Each girl met a man (Tyler, Christopher, Jacob, Tom, & Scott) while out at the clubs. Figure out which girl was picked up when, what they were wearing and who their dates were.
Girls: Sarah, Kelley, Jennifer, Erin, & Jan
Dates: Tyler, Christopher, Jacob, Tom, & Scott
Outfit colors: Red, Pink, , Black, Silver, & White

1.None of the men dated a girl with the same first letter in their name or their clothing color as the first letter in his name.

2.Scott dates the girl who wears red and wasn't picked up last.

3.Christopher is best friends with Sarah and Erin but doesn't date them.

4.Jacob is Kelley's brother who dates the girl wearing black leather.

5.The first girl to be picked up wasn't wearing pink or red but her date was Tom.

6.It wasn't after Labor Day so Jan wasn't breaking any fashion rules by wearing white.

7.Tyler's date was picked up last and hates to wear the color white.

8.Kelley was picked up before Sarah bur not before Erin.

9.Jan ordered the taxi, so it picked her up first.

10.The fifth girl to be picked up was wearing silver.

11.Erin, looking fiery hot, was the second girl to be picked up.

12.Jacob and Tyler are twin brothers; one likes girls in black while the other prefers girls in silver.
Reply Tue 8 Feb, 2005 10:33 am
This is what I got, interested to see if I'm right..

Jan- 1st- White- Tom
Erin- 2nd- Red- Scott
Sarah- 4th- Black- Jacob
Jennifer- 3rd- Silver- Tyler
Kelly- 5th- Pink- Chris
Reply Thu 1 Dec, 2005 09:58 pm
Ok - let's see if this is right!

Jennifer - 1st - Tom
Erin - 2 - Scott
Kelley - 3 - Christopher
Sarah - 4 - Jacob
Jan - 5- Tyler Idea

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