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Reply Thu 14 Feb, 2008 06:44 am
Desperately Seeking Advice
I'm an RN ICU nurse working full time in a multi-function ICU. I've worked at this present job for almost a year and came to this smaller hospital because it was close to home. I work day shift.

I'll make this as concise as possible. I have a nursing Director over me who is a dictator, micro-manager and exclusive with many staff. This is also the case with the Unit Coordinator although with her on a lesser scale. It didn't take long for me to notice that this director had her "favorites" and this alone made me uncomfortable but I am now getting attacked. She doesn't like me because one day I was having a particularly horrid day (as we all sometimes do) and vented to someone I thought was my friend. Venting is a healthy thing as long as it's not re-told and sadly for me that nurse walked right into the bosses' office and told her everything I said then embellished a little. One week later my assignments got increasingly difficult and I found out the boss was coming in early and changing assignments. I got upset one day when I got an admission I didn't know I was getting and verbalized my displeasure to the charge nurse (I'm not one to go around talking on others backs) and this charge nurse also went to the boss and told the truth mixed in with a ton of lies. Since then my life has been hell on this unit.

My boss calls me in the office quite often to tell me what a lousy nurse I am and she always says "All of my charge nurses agree, we discussed you in a meeting last week" and then she proceeds to say that I don't help others, don't send patient's with floor orders fast enough to their new rooms and a host of other trumped-up lies. Simply put I don't like being lied about and I am pretty sure she has told others (like people in HR) these lies about me. I am planning to get a job elsewhere, but am wondering what to do about my tarnished reputation. I am an excellent nurse and have worked hard to have the great nursing reputation that I have.

If I'd done things wrong I'd figure "Oh well, I deserved it" but these things she is doing/saying are total fabrications and I want her to stop. I'd like to expose her and her minions for what they are. I know I have to find another job but I cannot stand all of these lies!

Do I have any recourse?
I'm shocked horrified and appalled!
Shocked Evil or Very Mad
Reply Sun 16 Mar, 2008 11:03 pm
Been There!!!
First of all, remember this maxim always:

In 12 years of nursing I have learned this many times. The hard way - just like you are now. Many nurses feel the need to point attention away from themselves by being the unit tattle. For some reason it gives them a thrill. It's a GOOD thing to get out of there, because believe me, you can bet that they are "collecting paper" on you (ie making copies of your charting, writeups, etc) and putting it in your file. When they feel they have enough, you'll be given the "choice" to resign or be terminated.
Don't worry, either, about your reputation.
When the next job calls for a reference, your manager will probably give you a glowing report because SHE & HER BUDDIES WANT YOU TO LEAVE. If she tells prospective employers you're a bad nurse (even on the QT), she'll never be rid of you. Legally she can't say anything about you they can't substantiate.
Good luck getting out of there!

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