OR Nursing Shortage

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Reply Mon 24 Apr, 2006 08:52 pm
so true...i do the same thing...avoiding certain staff and doctors. for the most part ...certain scrubs are the ones that are most diffucult to deal with.

our anesthesia does not like to change rooms also....they say it has something to do with changed to omnicell from pixis....who knows??

do you ever have to float to holding area or pacu?? instruments or cs??
we do occassionally...but of course none of them would ever have to help out in or....*S*

just like mr michael jackson said...we all have to start with the "woman in the mirror" to make a change....instead of "eating our young" we have to nuture them...just as we would have liked done to us

i'll end on that note...
bs Very Happy
Reply Thu 27 Apr, 2006 05:27 pm
I am a student nurse about to grad in 2 weeks. My career path is to work in the OR. No one around here will hire new grads for the OR. Maybe if they took in so many interested students each year and began the intense training, it would begin to help the shortage.
Reply Thu 27 Apr, 2006 07:47 pm
very true. here we hire new grads mostly. not sure why....but few stay. if it is your dream to work in the or...don't give up...it gets better...i promise. maybe you could have a meeting with the manager? are they not understaffed???
good luck

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