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Reply Mon 22 Feb, 2010 09:46 pm
New Traveler
Hello all. I have been a nurse for 3 years with 2 years of high risk L&D experience. I am doing research on travel agencies and wondering which are considered the best to travel with and things I may need to be prepared to ask. Help please!

I have heard about:
American Mobile
Cross Country
Nurse Finders
Travel Nurse Across America

While I have many questions, I am very excited about all of the opportunities to travel and work Laughing

Reply Tue 9 Mar, 2010 06:19 pm
Not sure about these agencies you listed personally (i'd say no on american mobile and faststaff for sure), but I will share with you some questions that I always make sure to ask....

Insurance/401K: Free medical, dental, vision? First day coverage? Insurance provider? Does your company offer 401K with some company match? Can you have a month of downtime between assignments and still be covered?

Reimbursement for traveling and licensing? CEUs? Drug Screen and pre-employment physicals reimbursed?

Free private housing? Hotel or 1-bedroom apartment? Standard furniture package includes? Does company pay for utilities? Option for cable, phone, intenet?

What is the highest paying job you have right now? Are you Joint Commission accredited? Weekly direct deposit? What is the back-up plan if something goes wrong with nurses pay check?

Stipends for car or housing offered?

Those are sort of the basics for me. After asking these questions, I like to feel out the commitment from the recruiters... Is this someone who I can warm up to? Who I can joke around and have a pleasent conversations with? Are they good communicators and are they knowledgeable? Because at the end of the want someone whose going to go up to bat for you and is going to coach you through the start up process.

Hope this of luck!
Reply Mon 5 Apr, 2010 06:04 pm
Have you started traveling yet?
If so... I traveled with a company and it was a nightmare. I did alot of research and talked to alot of other travelers throughout my traveling assignments and your best bet would be to go with MedSource. They are gonna give you the highest pay, the most benefits and take care of their clients the best. Example.. a traveler working at the same place I was working with the same degree and he pocketed an extra $5,000 in a 3 month time than I did. I had to pay for my own travel expenses there and he was paid $1,000. The ins I got through my company wouldn't pay any of the dr bills that I had. Everytime me or my family went to the dr it costs nearly $200, none of which ins paid and $250 was coming out of my check every month for that. In my opinion, no one can come close to MedSource. Just my opinion but when you travel you will soon learn that everyone that travels, travels for MedSource and if not the ones that are happy and have money are with MedSource.
I had many many companies give me quotes on pay.
A few companies that I would not go with would be:
Cross Country.
Reply Fri 9 Apr, 2010 11:43 pm
Thank you for the replies. I am planning to start traveling in the summer. I was not going to go with either of those but I have heard not so good things about them before. I am planning to go with RNNetwork at this point. I had never even heard of MedSource. Thank you.

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