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Reply Wed 25 Mar, 2009 01:08 pm
have you ever broken contract
I am currently on contract in L&D. I have travelled for 3 years. This contract is scary. The perm staff is friendly but overwhelmed. They are dropping like flies due to lack of staffing. I was told by one of the anethesia staff that it is unsafe here. The physician staff treat the nursing staff horribly. Its a a blood sport to them. To make matters worse they treat the patients with such disrespect!
Last weekI received a phone call from a hospital that I do prn work for. They offered me more money than I am making now plus the staffing is safe.
Has anyone broken a contact before? I have been with the same agency. I have worked through personal tragedies and have never missed a shift. This place has me reeling. Any suggestions? What can I expect from my company when I leave? Financially what will they do?[/list]
Reply Wed 25 Mar, 2009 03:50 pm
i would make it known to your company that you feel unsafe and they need to do something or you are going to leave. dont just leave. if things get real bad while you are at work do this. call the house supervisor and tell them you are very ill and threw up and need to go home. this way they cant yell abandonment when you leave. i would also suggest getting it in writting that you are leaving cause you are sick Smile the other thing you could do to leave abruptly with out too many ramifications tell them your brother died and need to leave and dont think you can finish your contract. be creative.

i am sure you will never be able to work for that hospital chain again. if it is a single or only a few hospitals then oh well if it is a very large chain then you cant work for them which will have future implcations.
Reply Sun 5 Apr, 2009 02:10 am
I have to disagree, while I am not a nurse yet, I do work in the oilfield and I have been to some scary places (Angola, Nigeria, etc.)

If you feel you are unsafe and you cannot continue working the contract, I would let your agency know exactly how you feel and request to go home. If the staff are dropping like flies, chances are they will have already heard more then enough wild stories and tales of sudden sicknesses. You will likely be in a much better position if you are upfront, direct and honest.

Just remain firm about leaving the assignment and I am sure they will get you home and put your experience to use somewhere else, especially if you have served faithfully for 3 years before.
Reply Thu 18 Feb, 2010 02:55 am
As a fellow traveler who has traveled for 9 years I broke two contracts. I once pretty much told the nurse manager where to go after she totally lied about the job. This was in Seattle at a hospital called Virginia mason. Please stay away from any tele or PCU floor here. Worse job in 9 years. I told my travel company I'm sorry but this is not the job I drove all the way from florida to seattle for. The nurse manager was known for doing this. I even met one travel nurse who was warned by her company not to work there...........very sad. Anyways basically don't let your travel company try and fool you about paying for lost rent or any of that BS because if its not safe its not safe. They always try and blame the traveler as they don't want their reputation to be bad. There are plenty of travel companies out there .
Reply Mon 5 Apr, 2010 06:13 pm
breaking contracts
Never broke a conract but have heard other that have.
No big deal from what I can see especially if you tell your agent that you are unsafe there.

Where are you working that is such a nightmare and what company are you traveling with?

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