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Reply Tue 12 Aug, 2008 09:26 pm
let me respond to each remark below as a traveler currnetly on my 9th contract.

Allyally534 wrote:
Can I give you some traveller advice from a staff RN?

1)Don't expect to be welcomed warmly. We have to watch you closely.
Many, not the majority, of travellers before you have had personality
defects or they have been addicted to drugs. Remember, these people are
travellers because they are gone before their problems are fully discovered
and staff RNs are more willing to wait out your contract than take on your

i dont have anything to hide. no discipline on my file in any of my states. never done drugs. i may be addicted to computer games so you may be right there. my only problem i run from is crappy nurses and hospital politics.

2)Don't whine and moan that you float all the time. You are THE TRAVELLER,
it will always be your turn to float.

i dont mind floating esp if you are on my floor. i am glad to go to new areas and learn new things. makes me a better nurse.

3)Do not put your two cents in about old policies, new policies, policy changes.
When you do this, we know it is time to not renew your contract. You are
NOT staff. This tends to happen to travellers who have had a few contracts
at the same place.

then do not ask us things like how have they done it elsewhere? or anything else along them lines. this is part of my avoiding hospital politics.

4)Do not whine that you don't feel good or are working while sick. You chose to be a traveller and knew you could not miss any work or you had to make it up. If you do take time off for illness, etc., do not approach regular staff to ask if you can work that extra shift or ask regular staff to change their schedule so you can "make up" your sick time. Not our problem, you are a traveller by choice. We will just say to ourselves this is another reason NOT to be a traveller.

i dont call out sick i come in to work when i am sick. if i am sick and have to take a day off i understand i have to make it up, which has never been a problem as of yet. i dont have to ask regular staff to make up my extra shift i ask the manager who will then take you off your shift and give me mine.

5) Do not try to brag about what you make. In the late 90s, travellers did make a bit more. Anybody with 5+ years experience in all likelihod make more than you. We will tell you that's great and think it's good they do not know what we make. When you tell us about hour housing allowance, most of us will think how we own homes and our mortgages accrue equity at 2-3x the mortgage we pay. We will tell you that is great, but be thinking that is not a benefit, you do not have anything to show for it (i.e. home that appreciates).

i would love to compare paychecks with you. as of this year i made a mere 19,878 in may and june. (total for year is barely around 90k at this time but it is only august) i have never seen anyone come clost in a hospital make anywhere near what i do, but you can think what you want.
your right i do not have one house i have two do you? i have a house in florida and a house in TN. last i check i pay a mortgage and they accure equity. oh since i make alot more i can pay mine off earlier and not have to worry about things like equity. i seriously doubt that you make 2-3x the amount you pay in your house in equity. that is a whole lesson in economics which i doubt you would understand.

6)Do not refer to the job your working as "my" position. It isn't.

yes it is my job. and my position.

7)Regular staff may benefit from lighter assignments and special perks.
Do not expect these or feel slighted when others get them. You are THE TRAVELLER.

then remeber when i cant help you because i am busier. i would love to cover your lunch but i have my own patients things like that may be heard.

8) Do not complain about your schedule. You are there to fill in the holes. You are not staff.

yes i do fill holes. i normally fill the holes your lazy ass wont work.

9) Do not complain that you have to work 100%. You are a traveller-you have to. Most of us work part-time because we can. We are not travellers.

i may have to work 100% for 13 weeks but i am able to take approx 8 weeks vacation a year how many you have. this year is slow for me i have only had 7 weeks (but like i said its only august)

10)Please do not expect us to remember you--you will be a nameless fuzzy face in our minds.

as you are a fuzzy name to us.

11)Do not tell us a better way to do things. There are many ways to do things. You are a traveller, we will not welcome or appreciate your remarks.

which is why you will never be a good nurse. any nurse can take critisim whether good or not. i listen to stupid staff recomendations and if they ever utter one i tell them thank you.

12)Do not complain about your assignment--you are not going to get a good one most of the time.

if all nurse were like you no i would not get one. thankfully 99.9% of nurse are better then you. in many hospitalsi have been treated better by management/staff then the staff does.

13)Do not complain if you have to float so a regular staff person can pick up an extra shift on their unit. They have priority over you.

do not complain when you have to go home so i can make money.

14)It does not seem that there are as many good reasons to travel now as n the 90s. Now, your agency is making a lot of $$ and you are not. Also, most areas have minimized the use of travellers by paying their own staff better than you, treating them better and giving them better perks than you now have

i own my company so no i am sorry no agency is getting tons of money. i get it all. yes i get your bonus but hey your an asshole so i dont care.
Reply Wed 13 Aug, 2008 09:09 am
Great tips everyone. It is helping me out a ton too
Reply Tue 26 Aug, 2008 07:46 pm
samj1 wrote:

AMEN...Nicely said!! I hope I never have to back her up during a crisis!!!
I am traveling so my "history buff" 13 yr old homeschooled child can see the country and I get to check out some other hospitals without having to constantly deal with people like her (like someone said..13wks & you move on)!!
Reply Mon 1 Sep, 2008 04:30 pm
Wow, such hostility. I was a staff nurse who just recently started to travel. I welcomed the travel nurses who came to help out when needed. Granted there are those like Allyally who treated them badly. We all choose our career paths. Don't fault those of us who make the choice to travel.
Reply Mon 1 Sep, 2008 06:49 pm
Whew...thank GOD for travel nurses! I left my full time position because of bitter uncaring staff nurses! I have worked numerous contracts and have only been greeted with open arms at the temp. help I can supply until new RN's have been oriented or until the busy season is over. I am not addicted to drugs, if I have a personality flaw, I'm sure you do too, are you perfect? NO! I chose to travel because I am single, with no children. Why not travel the US and figure out where I want to settle later in life? Geez...sounds like staff nurse is ready for retirement!!! (I'm guessing you are an overweight charge nurse...just guessing...)
Reply Fri 17 Oct, 2008 01:12 pm
Bitter Staff nurse
I too just say OH MY!
I have been traveling for a long time. Most of this time with my wife, who is also a nurse! We have been able to see this great country of ours and make some GREAT friends. I feel sorry for poeple like this, as they must not get the same joy from their job as I do. As we say in the south, BLESS HER! To the travel nurse with the advise to the staff nurse, Well said! My wife and I have two homes, a vacation condo and take two trips a year. one domestic and one international. We would not be afforded this time off if we were staff nurses. And now thanks to travel nursing, We are looking at early retierment. And Yes, we have worked with nurses like this but more often than not, we have been welcomed as part of the team and invited into many homes. Thanks to all of you staff nurses that have made us feel welcomed and to all the rest, your insignificant in our lives as we will be on our way soon enough and you will be the one that is a fuzzy blur in our minds. If any of you are on the fence about traveling, TAKE THE LEAP. It is well worth it, if you do it for the right reasons. God Bless,
Reply Thu 13 Nov, 2008 08:41 pm
Nurses eat their own
I am working in a level one teaching facility in winston-salem nc. You have to work 12 hours with only one 30 minute unpaid break. You have to wait for a float nurse to relieve you so that you can go to the bathroom, there are NO chairs for the nurses other than 2 seats, so, you have to basically stand for 12 hours while all of the MD's, PA's, secetaries and ancillary staff sit in comfortble chairs inside the center of the unit. The computers that you have to stand at are not ergonomically set-up, so you end up with strained wrists, the staff nurses are clicky, they bring, transfer and discharge your Patient's without letting you know. So, my question is why do we allow nursing administration to treat us this way? I am a traveler, so, I don't have to stay. But, to the nurses in this area-help me understand why you think it's alright to be treated like this. This is so disrespectful and exhausting.
Reply Tue 18 Nov, 2008 10:22 am
Re: response to Allyally534
Hey, are you still traveling...YOu sound just like my want to be status nowin Nov 2008!!
ridinrn wrote:
I just joined this forum, and read your post.....whew! Boy are you bitter!
I am in my first travel assignment, am 51, my husband and I are together in our RV, sold our home and are having the time of our lives. We don't do drugs, or have a personality defects (other than me going through a mid life crisis and getting a tatoo)..LOL.....I was a staffer for over 9 years, and felt I wanted to see the country before I was too old to be able to do it. We ride motorcycles and this is the perfect way to have a paid vacation. There are a lot of travelers at my facility and most seem to have a good sense of personality and responsibility. Just coming from being a staffer, I think you can get so stuck in a place, you don't simply have the guts to get out. I meet so many staffers here and at my former facility that all they do is complain and are bitter about life and their job. Traveling is a way to get a new perspective and broaden your interests and conversations. As far as drugs, I was drug tested three times prior to coming to my assignment. We're always drug tested a lot, so I can't imagine someone toking away till their next assignment. Do you realize Ms. Allyally, that in order to walk into a facility and nurse effectively you have to have some good skills? There's always a bad apple in the bunch, I agree, but you seem to have a bitter, one sided approach to things. Before you state a lot of travelers have personality defects, you may want to look in the mirror.
Craig 1
Reply Thu 11 Dec, 2008 03:41 pm
Wow! How bitter can one be? I read her other posts, you should too. Talk about bitterness and bragging! She thought it funny that she killed a patient. Except that she says she is in Seattle, I thought she was one of my prior coworkers when I was on staff; the reason I left to travel!
Reply Sat 3 Jan, 2009 02:05 pm
staff RN
Wowie! You sound SOO angry here! I can say, as a staff nurse, at my last job for over 3 years, I dealt with MANY travelers.Some were GREAT, some were NOT. But, they have a right to do staff or travel....bottom line.I am planning on jumping on the travel wagon in about 8 months. I have been a staff nurse for 9 years and I cant WAIT to go! I KNOW what lies ahaed and nurses with such a bad attitude will not stop me from doing my job and seeing different parts of the country! Hope you can find some peace in your life.....
Reply Sun 4 Jan, 2009 03:30 pm
Most of my friends were met traveling!
Wow, what hospital/floor do you work ? I would like to add it to my list of "avoids".

I have met, and kept in contact, with many nurses I have worked with on my contracts. I have met many great "travel friendly" nurses.

Does she know that we have to pass a drug test before each contract? I myself treat each job as "MINE" and provide the best nursing care I can.

My advise to the initial poster is to
1. Be yourself
2. Provide the best nursing care you can
3. Avoid negative staff
4. Help all staff members out when able (it has been known to turn the most evil nurse on the floor into a friend)
5. Enjoy being a travel nurse; you always have the choice of being a staff nurse, and they always have the choice of being a travel nurse!!
Reply Fri 23 Jan, 2009 06:33 am
Re: Your travel expertise is needed...
LibertyRN wrote:
Hi! I'm looking into beginning my travel nursing career! I am a new nurse with a little over a years med/surg experience. I am talking to two different companies and trying to decide which route I want to take. If you could give me one piece of advice what would it be?? What do you wish you knew when you first stated traveling?? Is it acceptable to keep my apartment and still travel across the country?? Is the money really worth it...(I only ask that b/c I am in debt upto my eyeballs from college loans Sad ) You all have such knowledge and experience so any advice you can offer would be appreciated! Thanks!


Well, I guess you got alot to read with Allyally.

Fortunately she really is the exception, and NOT the rule or I would have stopped traveling 14 years ago.... right after my first assignment.

One piece of advice.... now THAT is hard..... there is so much....

Read the comments in this and other areas of this forum, as I read through here, I have found a wealth of knowledge. I have been a traveler for 14 years, have had some good experiences, and some bad. Have worked with a few Ally's, thank God she is not the norm.

If you do your job, are friendly, don't complain much, show up for work, remain OUT of the hospital gossip and politics,...and remember one thing...YOU ARE A GUEST, CONDUCT YOURSELF AS SUCH....then you will not only get your loans paid off (QUICKLY), you will have a rewarding experience, LEARN a ton of new information/methods, have the most exciting time of your life, and make life long friends ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!!

I feel very sorry for Ally,...maybe she needs to get out of her stagnant situation and travel....

I have only ever worked ICU, all the ICU's, and ER, but I have had an amazing career, the places I have been, people I have met.

I have saved and lost lives with an amazing group of dedicated people...Nurses....while the rest of the country is fast asleep WE guard the health of their loved ones....hopefully returning them to their family in better shape then when we received them.

I can't imagine having stayed in one place for my entire career, I am glad there are staff nurses, I couldn't do it. As a traveler I am challenged every day, always learning, never complacent... even the ALLY's. provide a need, they teach us to take a deep breath, review our lives/careers, and ask why we are nursing.

Hmmmm, one piece of advice,..... I'll give you three:

1) Remember, no matter how long you contract at a facility, YOU ARE ALWAYS A GUEST, CONDUCT YOURSELF AS SUCH.

2) Find a GREAT agency, if they are not, then find a GREAT agency. (Check out my post in Best Travel Companies)

3) Learn from people like Ally, ... to enjoy your profession, your family, your life, your experiences..... you do not want to end up bitter and alone.

4) Yeah I know I said THREE, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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