Thoughts on Intelistaf?

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Reply Wed 19 Oct, 2005 05:00 am
Thoughts on Intelistaf?
I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with Intelistaf, good or bad?
Reply Sat 29 Oct, 2005 12:43 am
Intelistaf is difficult to work for. They treat their staff like dirt, they call on days you have indicated you are not available, or they don't call at all. Specific facilities would request my services and Intelistaf would take forever to call - with the excuse they were busy. These facilities requested that I switch agencies because they did not want to deal with Intelistaf. Basically what I am saying is that I would probably use a different agency if I were you - to avoid headaches, etc.
Reply Fri 15 Sep, 2006 10:15 am
Re: Thoughts on Intelistaf?
i have worked with intelistaff and have had no bad experience at all..sorry if anyone out there can say anything different..i do per diem with them but have not traveled with them..i would recommend them to anyone...good luck
Lghtkeepr wrote:
I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with Intelistaf, good or bad?
Reply Thu 12 Jun, 2008 06:31 pm
traveled with them on and off since 2000. they have a lot of jobs, merged with msn. they pay the least and dont always pay travel money. it all depends on who your recruiter is. i dont think i will travel with them again, too many other agencies out there. 8)
Reply Sun 15 Jun, 2008 05:55 pm
I am currently working with intelistaf....

Over all, I have been happy. They have gotten me work where I wanted it and have paid a rather high housing allowance considering my location. In fact, in my last assignment, I was working with another travel from american mobile. I was getting a weekend stipend and she wasn't.

I have only two minor complaints and the first seems to be common in the business, they changed me recruiter on me with no notice. One day I just got a call from a woman saying, "I'm your new recruiter. You're old recruiter took another job." The second complaint is that my weekend stipend wasn't showing up in my paycheck. Well, that of course they took care of and made right and back paid me.

But really I am happy, if I am able to get my time sheet in early, I get paid early, sometimes as early as wednesday. That's nice!! And yes, they do have a lot of jobs. They also have stood up for me and called me hospital when I was floated to a floor I was not qualified to work on.

I have also done per diem work through their local office at my current location (I took another assignment) same city but different hospital. They guarantee you time and a half for any per diem work no matter what the client is paying them. It turned out to be 100% more enjoyable than my assignment. Easier work and nice people. And better money.

Well, if you have more questions. Feel free to ask!!
Reply Sun 1 Mar, 2009 10:44 pm
Avoid contract was cancelled with no notice, i never got the reasoning in writing and I even showed up to see my recruiter in person.
I was jobless, away from home. they told me i had 24hrs to vacate, now I'm being charged $3200 for housing losses, had I known that I wouldn't have killed myself packing ALL NIGHT. My recruiter hasn't done anything to help me. I've worked with a few different agencies and there's problems with all of seems everything is all roses until something comes up, then you see that you're only good to them if you do the work and don't cause them any headaches. They are more concerned with the keeping the contract facility happy than with you. You are just one person, they could be making money of several nurses in that facitly so they won't jeopardize that relationship for the world.
Good luck, I'd avoid Intelistaff but if you ask me they're all corrupt. This a business and as long as you don't have any issue EVER, you'll be fine.
Reply Sun 1 Mar, 2009 11:58 pm
They suck...
My wife and I both worked for Intellistaff in 2001 in louisville, Ky. We stopped by the office every week to p/u our check, they were rude, would keep us waiting, never have it ready (we called ahead). After two back-toback 13 week assignments,....they STILL did not know our names. Also saw a couple employee turnovers at the office in those 26 weeks.

I only travel with "smaller" companies now. They are "hungry", work hard for you, and KNOW your name. Alot of these bigger companies have a high overhead, so the RN's make less. Also, not real service/RN friendly.

C Mulloney, RN
Reply Sun 10 May, 2009 11:19 am
Please name some small companies
Can you name a few small companies you would recommend?

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