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Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2005 02:00 pm
Any info helpful
Hi! I'm new to travel nursing. Can anyone give me advice on how long is the wait for me to have a travel nursing job? What is the best agency? What is the step by step process?
Wildflower63 1
Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2005 06:48 pm
I'm attempting the same thing. I interview for a job and got it. I was asked to get to a doc, fast, for immunization titers and TB status. Well, that takes a few days. I thought anyone would know that. I was lucky to find a clinic appointment the next day because my doctor is too booked to deal with this. Any nurse knows it takes at least two days to read a TB test. I got it done in three days, faxed over the weekend, and thought I was doing good.

Apparently I didn't do good enough. I was told that I lost the job I interviewed for and got because it too me too long to get the fax in. What? I'm lucky to get a doctor to see me that fast! I made family arrangements to leave, but, very thankfully, didn't spend any more money.

What I have to say, it is a good thing I didn't buy airline tickets or get another state nursing license or I would have ate the cost. I did what was asked of me, but that wasn't good enough. Later, I was told of some entire paperwork nightmare, I was completely unaware of, but being pushed hard to take that job, buy plane tickets, and a different state nursing license, to be reimbursed later.

As someone new to travel nursing, don't spend a dime on a promised job until you are absolutely sure you are cleared for it. I was reluctant to spend a penny because I was never asked about direct deposit, tax forms, nothing. I was only told to get immunization and general health forms, sent to me by e-mail done, quickly, which I did.

I am told that job no longer exist because I didn't have the right paperwork in and didn't call. You don't get immunization titers and TB test done in a day!! It isn't possible. It took me four days, start to finish, of finding a doctor that would actually see me at a free clinic to get this faxed. That isn't easy!!

Now, I am told that there are different forms I didn't send, which I had no knowledge of at all. You might find yourself, as I did, with a promised job, but lack of a nightmare of paperwork that you have no clue about.

My advice, make sure you have a recruiter that sends you absolutely everything you need filled out and faxed. Make sure that they ask about direct deposit to reimburse your up front expenses. Don't spend a dime until you are assured all of this is in and you are qualified to travel.
Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2005 08:55 pm
Welcome to the ranks of travel. I'm by no means an expert and there are lots of people out there with far more experience than I have at travel. I like World Health and Access Nurses. Both agencies have treated me very well and I have done assignments in NM, CA, AZ, FL, MI and NY. Stay away from Nightingale. I have heard bad things about Intelistaff also, but have no first hand experience with them. If you go to a website for any of the companies you can apply and they can get you into a position fairly quick. Within days depending on where you want to go and license and all.
Wildflower63 1
Reply Tue 19 Jul, 2005 08:31 am
Ron, did you have to fax a ton of paperwork for travel nursing agencies? What should I expect?
shining armani
Reply Mon 29 Aug, 2005 01:13 pm
I am completely new at this. I am in the process of getting my American Liscence and wonder if anyone has advice on O'Grady Payton as a travel company.
It looks good right now and they are promising the world...however I want solid advice. First hand experience would be great.
I am a Canadian nurse looking to go to Miami.
ANY advice is welcomed
Reply Tue 30 Aug, 2005 05:37 pm
there generally is alot of paper work the first time you work witha new agency, but if you keep all the stuff from your first one, most of it will carry over to others that you might apply for. Trist me you can get this paper work in pretty quickly.
Reply Wed 31 Aug, 2005 03:35 am
There is usually TONS of paperwork. It's not just the application and checklists...but also the physician's statement, titers, references, W2, notarized I9s, copies of licensure and cards, etc. However, usually once this information is collected, it's easy to retrieve.

My suggestion is to make a book of all this information so it's readily available. If you have a scanner, scan it into your hard drive, so whenever one of the recruiter says "I need a copy of ...", you can just turn around and email a clear copy to them.

I usually start looking for a new position about 6 weeks before my current position is scheduled to end. I have about 10 recruiters with different companies that search for me. I tell them where I want to go and let them loose. I'm quite honest with them and let them know up front that I'm looking with several different companies and what's being I'm not being sneaky in any way with them. It usually takes 2-3 weeks (on my part) to make a final decision...based on interviews and community research of the position offerred. The quickest turn-around was about 1 week. Paperwork in and starting work that next week...but I don't like to be rushed like that.

Again, the paperwork IS killer but once it's in...that's it.
Good Luck in you Travels
Roberta Cole
Reply Sun 11 Sep, 2005 05:46 am
Just like hiring on at any hospital... there are hoops to jump through. You need to get your 'packet' or download the paperwork/application/ and rules from your travel company and then get it all done... and THEN turn in your notice (if you're working), finding a hospital to travel to... after the packet is completed is easy. BUT... when you get to the individual hospitals, they have their own requirements, math tests, med tests, etc in their orientation process, depending on the hospital. When I have my phone interview with the hospital DON... I ask those questions. Good Luck!

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