How do you ship a dog to a travel assignment?

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Reply Sun 10 Jul, 2005 08:20 am
How do you ship a dog to a travel assignment?
I have a female Boxer that I adore. I had my 18 year old, know it all, son move back in to take care of her and the house, while I am gone. Three months is a long time. Boxers are people addicted. My dog will flip out leaving her and I know it.

This has to be among the worst breeds to leave alone. Boxers kept as strict indoor pets still have guard bred into them. I did my homework reading about this breed. My dog is far from aggressive and quiet, but flips out if any family member is missing. This dog is spoiled rotten and we actually do allow her on our lap, at 60lbs. We really do let her sleep with us, even if she is a bed hog. We can't resist that broken hearted look we get by telling her to get down.

How do I ship my dog across the country? She is too large to be allowed in the cabin of an airplane. She is extremely lean and really doesn't look all that large. I can actually fit her into a cat carrier, just to get her on a plane that allows dogs as a carry on. She will not stay there. She will be afraid and on my lap, which is ok with me.

Can I pull it off? She is so lean that she can be put in a cat carrier, only I can't pick it up. I can have her tranquilized to sleep through a flight, but don't think she will. She is a very sensitive dog. She will not bark or cause any scene. She thinks she is a lap dog and will be afraid enough to stay on my lap and not bother anyone.

How do I take my dog with me when using an airplane to get to my assignment? Suggestions appreciated!!!
Reply Sat 16 Jul, 2005 11:04 pm
Most airlines will ship pets from destination to destination. However they don't get to ride in the passenger compartment but rather in the baggage compartment.

It costs a little extra but your pet can go with you.

The airlines have rules and your pet needs to have all it's shots up to date and will require a visit to the vet before flying. Call the airline you are going to fly on and ask them just what you need to do so you have it all done in advance.
Wildflower63 1
Reply Sun 17 Jul, 2005 12:14 am
A few years ago, I heard on the news that putting an animal in with luggage was a bad idea because of temperature and pressure problems, being cruel to an animal. Is that still true today or have things changed?

I realize that we are talking about a 60lb Boxer. Female Boxers have something like a Greyhound build and so lean that they squeeze in anywhere they want, like stealing my spot because there happens to be a few inches available that allow a lean dog to fit.

As uncomfortable as it sounds, I know my dog. She will really squeeze into a cat carrier. She makes her way into far less space to be a oversized lap dog. She will flip out if she doesn't see 'her people'. She is quiet and will not bother anyone. She will be tranquilized or I find this stress cruel to her. I have heard that some airlines allow cat carriers as carry on into the cabin, if I can pick her up! lol!

Thanks for the info. I didn't realize dogs needed shot records, which I don't have. Nurses know how to give shots, right? It cost me an entire $6 for pet shots, so I give them myself to the cat and dog. I'm sure repeat vaccination will not hurt her, but give me the paperwork I wouldn't have, if someone didn't warn me about the need for it.

I know, I am a bit ridiculous when it comes to my spoiled dog. I really don't spoil my kids like this. It takes over 20 years to train a human to be a civilized adult. It takes a bit over a year to have a fantastic, well behaved dog. Dogs die too soon and it sucks. While I have them, I treat them well.

Is any airline more dog friendly than another?

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