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Kc 1
Reply Wed 23 Mar, 2005 07:05 am
Hello here are a few questions I have about traveling nurses

* Would you get a bachelors degree as a RN for this career?
* How do you become the traveling part of the nurse?(what company?)
* What is the average pay?
* Benefits?
* Job Security?
* Does the company provide plane tickets, housing, and travel costs?
* Is transportation provided?

If someone could help me anwser these questions, then It will be easier to help me choose what college to go to for my career choice.

Reply Wed 20 Apr, 2005 07:13 pm
Here is what I found out when I researched traveling:

You need a nursing license ( obviously) but in most cases an ADN is do have to be able to qualify for licensure in other states- meaning get at least an ADN degree ( diploma programs are out) and do not have any criminal convictions.

You generally need to have at least 1 year, sometimes two years of experience in an acute setting.

Most travel companies have benefit like medical, dental etc. Plus you get housing ( shared or private) or a housing allowance.

Travel assignments last from 4 weeks to 26 weeks depending on the job. The Traveler picks the assignments, from a list of jobs available that matches their experience, and can therefore pick the assignment length.

Most travelelers drive their car to the assignment, that way they have transportation while they are their. Some companies pay mileage, others dont.

This is all variable depending on the demand in that area,your specialty and the company you are working for etc

Good Luck- hope that answers some questions for you.

Reply Thu 12 May, 2005 06:25 am
New to trave; VERY careful about with you sign out. Many agencies are incompetemt or corrupt. Ask around.
Reply Sun 22 May, 2005 12:38 am
Requirements for travel
I agree with most everything that you were told in other posts...with the exception that you can have a diploma. I am a graduate from a Diploma program which is NLN acredited, and as long as you pass your boards, and have a clean record, you will not be turned down for licensure anywhere in the US.

bethann 1
Reply Wed 22 Jun, 2005 03:01 am
travel r.n.'s
i knew in nursing school that i wanted to be a traveler because i had spent the 1st part of my life raising my 4 kids and my oldest son and i graduated the same year, him from high school and me from college. i will probablty never retire cuz i got started so late in life. luckily i love what i do ..i am an adn. i started traveling with 4 years acute care experience. i maintain my home in michigan [ although i am rarily there]. i travel with my dag and sig oth. i drive to each assignment so i have a vehicle to use. i have taken a "stipend" and gotten my own housing and i have let my company get the housing for me...i like both and you will just have to see how that goes...the companies give the top of the line housing and pay all your utilities, but if you're trying to get a little extra cash [ ex: recently paid for my daughters wedding] you can secure your own cheap housing and get a tax free stipend. 1 assignment i received $2000.00 a month TAX FREE stipend per month. i lived cheap and saved the extra[it was a beautiful wedding, by the way...].
Roberta Cole
Reply Sun 11 Sep, 2005 06:01 am
Hey Casey
First let me say Kudos to you for choosing nursing. It gets a bad rep at times, but I have loved it for 25 years. I work L&D. I have an ADN in nursing and I have never felt that I needed a BSN. I never wanted to go into management in Nursing. (I couldn't manage women as a career!!). I have done what I love and been paid great for doing it!! I have worked full time in small and big hospitals and I traveled for 2 years. If you ever consider 'teaching' nursing later... you'll need your BSN. I would consider getting a couple of years of nursing under my belt before traveling. Some places I went to gave me little or NO orientation. I can do L&D (and 'anything' involved with it) with my eyes shut!! So, I was able to jump right in there and do it. But, God Forbid you end up at one of the hospitals that would eat you alive... you need to 'know your stuff!!' Good Luck and study hard!!
Reply Wed 14 Sep, 2005 09:00 pm
Getting started in travel nursing
No, you do not have to have a BSN... I just have an ADN and have no trouble getting a travel job.

There are several companies out there... research all the companies you can on the web, pick out 5-10 that really interest you and then call them for more information. Becareful about giving 100 companies your phone number (as I let about 40 know mine the first time)... because you WILL get continued calls for a LONG time from ALL of them!

The average pay should be between $25 and $45 depending on location and speciality.

For benefits, you should expect free housing, tax free travel expenses, housing options, and insurance... 401K is nice and so are completion bonus' and longevity awards. Car rental and airfaire could be negotiated... depends on the travel company.

do a search of webiste and discussion boards... check out the two books written on travel nursing, "Hitting The Road" by Shalon Kearney and "Highway Hypodermics" by Epstein LaRue.

Good luck!

Job security? By 2010 there will a shortage of over a million nurses...
nurse goodbody
Reply Wed 21 Sep, 2005 06:39 am
more questions about travel nursing
im considering travel nursing anyone out there used americam mobile? i want to be in the pensacola area, how about sacred heart? would appreciate any suggestions or advice
Reply Sun 25 Sep, 2005 03:19 am
American Mobile
They are just another BIG company that pays the least and will take more of the bill rate than anyone else. Back to too many big company politics and being treated like a name instead of a number.

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