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Reply Tue 14 Apr, 2009 09:03 am
How a nurse can migrate to Canada quickly -Arranged Employme
I feel very confused about the complete process of Canada immigration visa for 'Federal Skilled Worker - Arranged Employment'. How a nurse can migrate & reach Canada in 8 to 9 months with the benefit of 'Arranged Employment' or 'Provincial Nomination Program'. Because according to this rules a IEN candidate is not eligible without CRNE exam, so how he/she can apply for the nurse job (indirectly employee cannot recruit such a candidate).

After some search what I learned is; If a nurse wants to apply under 'Provincial Nomination Program' (PNP) category then for most of the province requirement for PNP is candidate should have passed CRNE exam. CRNE exam is only available in CANADA three times a year. So does it means candidate should complete following steps?

1. Prepare for the CRNE exam in candidate's own country;
2. Apply to the nursing regulatory body in that province or territory for a permit to practice nursing in the province.
3. Apply for visa to work temporarily to meet province
4. If province gives permission to write the exam, after which candidate can apply for full licensure in that province.
5. Appear and pass the CRNE Exam.

I think all this process will need at least 1 year.


6. Apply for Canada immigration visa for 'Federal Skilled Worker - Arranged Employment' which require almost 6 month.

I will be very thankful if you can guide me for this issue.
Reply Thu 23 Jun, 2011 10:31 pm
I'm not sure if you made it to Canada to practice nursing yet, but I thought I would give you a heads up on the CRNE. I would strongly suggest that you take a exam prep or a prep course, whatever you may call it, because I know of a quite a few people who have failed it. I know a few people that took the prep course because they failed the first time, at the toronto school of nursing in Toronto, and passed it with flying colours. I think their website is
Edit [Moderator]: Link removed and the do the CRNE and CPNRE exam prep. Let me know how is goes!
Reply Tue 23 Aug, 2011 01:23 pm
I am a landed immigrant who applied to Immigration Canada under the skilled worker class. I've heard of the PNP, but I didn't use that prog. The process for skilled worker took about 6-8 months for me. If you are thinking of applying to the Province of Alberta, I'll warn you about their processes being unusually long.

As I was waiting on Immigration Canada, I was making sure to fullfill the requirements that I needed with the prospective College. You can order the CRNE book to prepare yourself for the exam while getting all your documents and paper work in. As far as I know, Canada doesn't offer the CRNE anywhere else except Canada. I'd suggest you prepare in advance for the CRNE . Order the book prep and think about using express mail carrier like DSL or Fed Ex. to get the preparation book. The mail was slow.

Employers don't actually hire unless they verify that a nurse has passed the CRNE and received registration from the College of Nurses (although it states that it can be done--- many employers don't like to mess around in that process). I hope this helps.


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